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Woodworking question with diagram: Which tool does the job?

Asked by squirbel (4292points) September 29th, 2010

Here is a link to the picture of what I want to achieve:

What tool can achieve this notch in the wood? The dimensions of the block are 2×6x4, and the notch goes about 1.5 in in. I can settle for 1 in in.

If you’re wondering what this is, it’s a knife block. I am going to put magnets I salvaged from old hard drives in that notch.

So what woodworking tool/method can achieve this?

Thank you!

Just an added note, to shoo away the negative-nancies – I don’t need advice on this question – I need solutions. Thanks again!

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You can try a plunge router or a table saw with a dado blade.

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I would just use a drill press and a chisel.

Or if you are looking to spend some cash you can get crazy.

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:O hi jp :D

Thanks guys~

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And if you do use a drill press wrap a bunch of tape (masking) around the bit to limit its depth.

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This helps a lot, now I know what tool to beg my general contractor to use :P

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I would go with @augustlan and say it is more of a router thing, if you did not have a router you could set a skil saw shallow ans make about 4 parallel plunge cuts and hollow it out with wood chisle.

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Cheapest and simplest method is a chisel. If you have access to it, a router would do the job except for the square corners.

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There is a square jig that fits in the drill press. Kind of a square chisel thing with a big fat drill in the middle.

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Yeah, a mortising jig. I have been wanting to try one of those, as I have a drill press but not a plunge router. I do hear you have to chisel out the corners to clean them up, though.

I did use a table saw with a dado blade to do something like this in class, but it was for a big headboard; might not work well for something as small as a knife block!

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Tomorrow my contractor will be bringing a router by, and I will fix his laptop! Fair trade!

Happy ending, thanks everyone, very much!

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