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Is Word Notebook Template offered in Microsoft Word 2008 for PCs?

Asked by BarnacleBill (16083points) September 29th, 2010

I have Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac. When I open Word, if I have the preferences set to open with Project Gallery, I have as an option Word Notebook Layout. If I select this layout, the page opens up looking like a page out of a spiral notebook. It automatically places what you type into outline form and allows you to record audio as part of your document, so you can take notes and record a lecture at the same time.

I can’t locate this format unless I open Project Gallery.

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(I am using Windows but I believe this works the same on the Mac)

Open a new Notebook Layout document on a Mac
Save As
Choose Save as Type “Word Template”
Name your file whatever you would like
Copy that file to the Windows computer via flash drive/email/whatever

If the Windows machine has an older version of Word ( or if you are not sure), choose Save as Type “Word 97–2003 Template”.

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I want to purchase a laptop for a young friend as a gift. He requested not a Mac. I want to make sure that the version of Word has the notebook template because the audio recording feature is really handy – you can be in a class and type your notes and and record the lecture at the same time. When you go back and open the file, the audio is with your document, so you can review your notes and listen to the class lecture that goes with the notes at the same time. It’s a lifesaver for those with ADD, or who have a hand injury.

I have word 2003 at work , and on my mac, I can’t tell if this is a regular feature of Word 2008, or is a Mac thing, or related to this being a student edition of Microsoft Office for Mac. If I have “Open in Project Gallery” turned off in preferences, I can’t find the Notebook Layout at all.

I did find this reference on a Mac site but it’s not clear if this is also available for Windows, or if there is any other way to access it.

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Thanks, @jaytkay, I will do that!

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