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Have you ever been shot ?

Asked by mickhock (540points) September 29th, 2010

I know that guns and gangs are pretty rife in the US and shootings and murders are commonplace.
Have you been shot or shot someone ?
If so what was the result and how did you cope after the shooting ?(

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I live in spain, where gun laws are very harsh. its almost impossible to own a gun. and while i have never been shot, i have been shot at, or had been near where an armed maniac was shooting randomly.

being shot at was by an old farmer when i was about 14 or so. me and a friend where taking a shortcut through a field when we heard shouting and then a couple of gun shots as we run away. farmers are one of the few that still will maybe be armed. there are also a handful of hunters, but they mostly use crossbows and things.

the other time was at a club in my town, some local rich kid pill pusher rushed in and started fiering off shots, i just ducked down but kind of hidden. he only got a few shots off, then he run. apparantly he was trying to shoot a guy for some thing related to his woman. one of those silly “you looking at ma woman” fights that go on in clubs.

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No, but shot at… In 2005, went to Houston, Tx. for orientation to work insurance claims on Hurricane Katrina. After the orientation, i was to report to Baton Rouge for final clearance and i would get my assignment. I decided to drive from Houston to Baton Rouge during the middle of the night because the huge amount of traffic in Baton Rouge. Somehow, while leaving Houston, took the wrong road and ended up on a road where all the oil refineries are located. I was driving a 350 Ram truck with a 38 foot RV behind me. After stopping and getting my correct route, I preceeded to Baton Rouge…and suddenly, two pickup trucks passed me doing about 100 mph and they are shooting at each other. Oh course, when they passed, i was in the line of fire. Wow…what a trip. Could write a book on the Katrina trip.

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Yes – and no.
When I was about 20 I was experimenting with a pack of shotgun primers and my BB gun. I wanted to see if I shot the pack would a primer explode. The answer is “Yes”. The BB was launched right back at me and hit me in the face about half and inch below my eye and lodged in there. I had to go to the hospital to get it taken out. While at the hopital emergency room they asked what happened and I explained how dumb I was, shooting a BB at a shotgun primer blah, blah, blah.
About 15 minutes later a police officer came into the room to talk with me. The on call nurse reported it as a shotgun BB to the face and all gunshot wounds are reported to the police. He understood my stupidity.
When it was time to have the stitches removed the doctor’s office was told it was a shotgun injury to the face. They were waiting to see this wreck walk in the door and were pleasantly surprised to only see a 20 year old idiot with a minor cut.
I never lived it down. I am sure the FBI has me in a file some place.

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I’ve heard plenty of gun shots but I’ve never been shot. And my brother got into conflict with a latin king, you could see the bulge where he had a gun. But that’s about it.

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I haven’t, but one of my best friends was. Right after college, she got an apt. (flat) in our hometown. While watching TV in her living room one night, she felt something on her leg and scratched it. When she looked at her hand, there was blood on her fingertips. It turns out that the guy in the apt. below her was cleaning his loaded gun, and it went off. The bullet traveled through his ceiling/her floor and hit just to the left of her knee. She has a nice scar to corroborate the story.

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No and No. I also haven’t yet shot myself as so many people fear, me being a pistol owner.
I lived in California for 35 yrs and Arizona for 5yrs, still bullet free.

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No, I have not been shot.

Sometimes I visit a friend in a gang-infested south side Chicago neighborhood and gunshots are a nightly occurrence. We’ve woken up to gunfire and then police searching for shells in the front yard.

My own Chicago neighborhood is really nice, the biggest annoyance is SUV strollers.

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I caught a .22 shrapnel ricochet in the leg after shooting an empty fire extinguisher at close range with a Ruger 10/22…

…that probably wasn’t the best idea in the world. Didn’t even break the skin, though.

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Nope I haven’t.

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One time I shot a man…. does that count?

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I’m only the man who shot Liberty Valance

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Shot…no, shot at…yes. Oh it was only an air rifle used by some dumbass kid from school. We went round his house during lunch break & the prick shot at me in his garden. Luckily for me he couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo….. he missed. I didn’t, punch in face…deadly accurate :¬)

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@LuckyGuy LMAO That’s the same stuff I used to do. But I got away with it without major injuries. Burned the crap out of the floor tiles though.

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I set the pack of primers up against a log about 20 feet away. 20 feet! That’s plenty right? What can happen?
There’s more to the story. When the primer went off, it released the other primers from the pack and spread them in the lawn. Picture it – live shotgun primers in the lawn! I tried to find them all but it was impossible. I cringed every time I walked out there or mowed the grass. After a season went by, I figured the primers were totally dead. But, hey, you never know.
What was I thinking?

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Holy shit.

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Oh That’s funny. That must have made for a long summer.

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Yes it was a long summer – made a lot longer because I couldn’t tell anyone about the event. “Oh hey! Don’t walk on the lawn over there! Something might explode under your foot!” No way!

I told people I got poked with a branch while using my chain saw. Perfectly believable. Would you have “fessed up’? I didn’t think so.

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