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What can you do or say that would be considered sexy?

Asked by Frenchfry (7584points) September 29th, 2010

I am in a mood I guess.LOL

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Well, I can speak Welsh…. oh no, wait, it’s French that’s sexy isn’t it?.... Damn!

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Je parle un peu le fran├žais (though I don’t sound nearly as attractive as Louis Garrel or Marion Cotillard when I speak French.) I can also read Middle English in a passable accent, but I have never met anyone who found this particularly attractive. I think it’s kind of neat at the very least.

@harple I would love to hear you speak a bit of Welsh :)

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Whispered in your ear: “Kimiga hoshii…”

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Must be foreign language on top of the list of being sexy. hee hee

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My co workers say it’s my phone voice, my sideways glances and that they believe my mouth always looks like it’s slightly smiling in the way a cat has just eaten a birdie.

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I would lve to see that smile, you sexy thing you. LOL ( jk)
My husband thinks I am trying to be sexy when I put on makeup!
( I don’t where it all the time )

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@Frenchfry: Tee hee hee. I’m in the fluther photbucket with my sweetie. The makeup thing I understand, I get the same because I only put it on to go out all dressed up or on a whim for work. My bf thinks it’s neat when I do “girlie girl” stuff.

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@muppetish Da boch chi, bechan! Beth da chi eisio mi ddweud? ;-)

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