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What are some kid-friendly fun facts on Russia?

Asked by tylerandcason (94points) September 29th, 2010

Nothing that kids will fall asleep on or something that will bore them. Can you give me some facts about Russia that may sound at least a little interesting to kids. Thank you! I will give ‘Great Answer’ awards out to the people who give me more than 1 fact!

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Lake Baikal is the perported deepest in the world.

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Hey kids, did you know that over 6 million people starved to death as a result of Joseph Stalin’s Prodrazvyorstka program and other forced collectivization efforts that affected agriculture?

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Russia includes 9 time zones! No other country includes more than 6!

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I am not sure these would count as facts. But you could talk about the Tunguska Event, or what happen with the Chernobyl disaster. Those are both pretty interesting to me anyway.

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On a cooler, hotter, more relevant point:

The Gateway to Hell at Darvaz is pretty fucking interesting.

Oh, wait, its Uzbekistan, but who’s to know, eh?

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Ooh, ooh, tell them about Vladimir Lenin’s fantastic embalming job and public tomb.

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There are too many Russian leaders in physics, literature, biology, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry and who knows what for me to name here. I have stuff to do!

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard and @Seek_Kolinahr – I bet you can each name two!

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Guys, you missed “kid friendly”.

Maybe look at their tendency towards “World’s Largest”...
World’s Largest Bell
World’s Largest Cannon
World’s Largest Country
World’s Largest Mineral & Energy resources
World’s Largest Forest reserves
World’s Largest stockpile of nuclear weapons
World’s Largest Tank force
World’s Largest electrified railway
World’s Largest Military Hovercraft
World’s Largest and Heaviest Jet
World’s Most fucked up vehicles? <———must see!
World’s Largest Atomic Bomb
(mushroom cloud tops out at 40 miles high. incineration within 30 miles. total destruction within 100 miles)

(look this shit up)

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I didn’t miss anything. What kid doesn’t want to hear about random acts of violence? Haven’t you ever seen “Transformers”?

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I was asked to assist in this q. I spent about 6 years in Russia when I was younger. I was a communist kid for some time – you can tell them that when communism existed, it was mandatory for kids to learn another language, to participate in the arts and culture competitions and to help the community.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir: Were you a little “Pioneer”?

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@Neizvestnaya No, I never made it to the pioneer status (it all broke up) – I was an ‘october-nok’ or the Russian term ‘oktyabryonok’.

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There is a city in Russia so cold, that if you are on the street for a long time, you could actually freeze.

The largest plane in the world was made in Russia.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir that sounds like general European education.

Ladoga Lake of Russia claims the distinction of being the largest lake in Europe. It spreads over 18 400 sq km and is around 51 m deep.

Russia boasts of the Urals, the oldest mountains in the world, and Lake Baikal, the world’s deepest lake and the largest reservoir of fresh water on earth.

Russia is the only country with 12 seas on its territory.

As per the 1993 constitution, Russia has a democratic and federal government system, which stands divided into executive, legislative and judicial branches. (sound familiar?)

There are 100 reserves and 35 national parks in Russia.

Chess is a national obsession. Other pastimes include the card game Durak (Russian Fool) and the computer game Tetris, which was invented in Russia.

On Defenders of the Motherland Day, February 23, families honor men and boys with cards, gifts and other special treats. (Women and girls are not neglected—International Women’s Day, March 8, is a big holiday in Russia.

Signature foods:
Borscht – a beet soup served hot or cold, topped with sour cream and sprinkled with dill or chopped green scallions.
Pelmeni – small, moist dumplings filled with chopped meat. They are often served with butter, sour cream and vinegar.

There is the closest point between Russia and America that is only 4 km long. (and Sarah Palin can see it from her house.)

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First man made object in space, first animal in space, first man in space, first woman in space, first permanent space station. In space. Were able to have run their space programme by their own people, while some other pathetic nations had to give it into the hands of German war prisoners because their own people were too incompetent. Produced some of the best military hardware in the world.
It is the second best country in the world, right after Germany. Which is the best country in the world.

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You could also sing a few melodies almost every kid would recognize. Then ask, “Know this?” When the kids nods you say, “well, it’s from Russia.” Examples could be from Swan Lake and the Nutcracker.

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