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What are you focused on right now (a task, creating something, writing, a degree, weight loss)

Asked by Jude (32112points) September 29th, 2010

Whatcha’ workin’ on? Me, I’m working on my Masters in French Language.

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Me? I am creating a set of boobs for a fireman to wear
it’s for a breast cancer benefit

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I’m creating dinner in the immediate term. Longer term I hope I am creating some well rounded kids.

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Undergraduate study for a degree in English Literature and applications for graduate study. Shorter term? I want to learn how to transcribe conversations using the International Phonetic Alphabet :) (Such as: bɔn ʃɑ̃s! as in “Bonne chance!”)

I also need to write a few academic papers before conference season. Yipes.

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@muppetish If you don’t mind me asking; are you female, male, or Fraggle?

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Working on paying off some medical debts so I can seed a small side business for my mom.

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Trying to pass my freshman college courses
Shit’s easy. Just a lot of work, that’s all

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I can’t believe you asked this. I am having a very bad day, feeling so lost and knowing I need to focus on something, anything but can’t seem to.

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@mama_cakes I don’t mind you asking (and thank you for giving me the “Fraggle” option!) I’ve been questioning my perception of gender for a while now so I do not have a definitive answer to your question.

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Teaching my toddler grandsons to behave, while maintaining their autonomy.

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Finishing my last two days of a 10-day Master Cleanse fast without caving. :)

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Trying to find a job and making friends.

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Très bien, mama cakes, L’éducation est un exercice utile.
I already earned my doctorate and raised my kids so cruising Fluther is enough task-focus for me tonight. :D

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Right at the moment: Finishing two pies, a pie shell and some blackberry custard

In the long-ish term: Trying to finish off my Pastry Arts Diploma. (Go internship! Yay!)

In the even longer term: Securing a job to go with said Diploma.

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I’m focused on graduation college with straight A’s and maintaining a 3.68 GPA.

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I am on a mission to watch every movie at the library , to reach 10 K lurve,and to plan a vacation, organizing my house.

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Trying to publish a novel and shamelessly promoting my blog

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My job is staying healthy mentally enough to stay out of the hospital. I’m focused on listening to my doctors and contributing to my own mental health plan by being my best advocate. To many it may not sound like much, but most days, it’s a full-time job.

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At the moment – trying to make a bra that doesn’t fit somewhat more comfortable.
Tonight – making a flyer for my husband’s next show.
This month – Dramatically altering my diet to include no more than 25 grams of fat per day. Which means I need to completely re-learn how to cook, and break my insane addiction to baked goods and meat.

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Currently, writing a Chem Lab report

In General, school wise, Undergraduate degree in Health Fitness
Longer term in education: Graduate school for PT

Job wise: making enough money to survive, and live off of.

Weight wise: cutting weight for boxing tournament coming up
Fitness wise: become a machine

Life wise…. good question.

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Right now I am making my partner a scoodie, the awesome mutant hybrid garment that occurs when a scarf ends up with a hood on it.

I’m also working on a novel that I’ve been going at for off-and-on for two years now. A couple weeks ago I finally had a rough draft printed up. 300 pages. I spend a lot of time scribbling on it and writing index cards.

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SCHOOL! High school, college in UK.
I am doing Pre-IB, preparing for the real IB Diploma system.

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My second round of P90x.

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@Seek_Kolinahr “making a bra?” Now, that is ambitious!
I am focused on finishing 4 books and getting this wad of wax out of my stupid ear. I’ve never had this happen, ever. So one is blocked, I“m deaf in it and both are ringing . gee, this is enjoyable And I’ve started back on my ,is it, dumbells? Those things you lift that I keep losing. I need an institution.

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Learning Russian, working on becoming polyglot.
Homeschooling my kids, introducing coding to my 9 year old and robotics to my 6 yr old, the 4 others haven’t picked hobbies yet. Trying to get them to polyglot status too, so I have someone to talk to.
Hobbies: Writing a series, hand making my kids’ Christmas presents, and working on some art for the wall.
Accomplished: Am losing weight, not sure why or how. Reached goal of reading 100 books this year.

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Woah, the last time I answered this I was still an undergraduate. Now I’m getting my PhD. So weird!

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Working on a family farm new business where we sell
all natural pasture raised Hereford beef and Hereford
pork as well as all natural farm raised chicken and
soy-free eggs. Lots of work involved not to mention
the advertising and getting into the right farmer’s
markets in our area. We try and remind ourselves
there will always be setbacks to a new business.

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