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How long did it take Fluther to get to 100k users?

Asked by JonIngram (10points) September 29th, 2010

how many months?

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Removed by me. I though you were talking about lurve.

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only 12,896 or so jelly askers So I don’t think fluther has hit that yet

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I am willing to bet it has been reached. We have a lot of members who lurk and do not ask questions or just respond. :) I forwarded this question to those who would know.

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@talljasperman But 17999 jelly-helpers.

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Maybe around the year 2013.

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@talljasperman I think the Jelly-Helper award would be a little more accurate, since people answer questions more often than asking. Plus there’s more: 18004 users (as of 11AM EST Sept. 30th, 2010).

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I like to lurk.

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@erichw1504 True that would be a better indicator however I am not sure that it would be accurate.

From my observations seeing the new members added daily the vast majority do not contribute. Some lurk some lurve. Also disabled accounts may not be reflected in this number.

As an example- it has not been a particularly busy 24 hours but 45 new users have joined.

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I say Fluther deletes all members that have not been active for over 180 days.

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@Dog I agree, that was just the best answer I could come up with. Thanks for your “moderator” incite!

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@ChazMaz Oh no! We can’t do that! We have wonderful users that take sabbaticals! :)

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If you register an account without providing a e-mail you get a prompt asking you too. The URL to validate ends in something like /validate/34342. I assume the number is the primary key for the account in the database. So I assume that is the number of people people that have registered. Last time I checked it was around 43K (a few weeks ago). That number could be totally wrong but it makes sense since you can see the number when you kick someone in the chatroom. And when I was a mod of chat (around 8 months ago) the number was around 35K. Seems logical. And I plugged in 1 and Andrew popped up.

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What matters are active users, not total users.

Otherwise it’s almost like Microsoft boasting about its large IE installation base.

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