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What is the perfect "I'm Sorry" gift?

Asked by kawohi (88points) September 29th, 2010

I made my girl really… really mad :(. I don’t know what else to do but send her a “i’m sorry” gift, it needs to be below $60 though and needs to be nice. Perhaps a teddy bear? I don’t know really.:( Post links please?

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Take her with you shopping…it will mean more.

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Do not get her a teddy bear unless she is 7 years old.

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1800FLOWERS has roses on sale. Have them delivered to her at work so she can show them off to all her coworkers.

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Go to any grocery store or minimarket/convenience store and buy her some roses, they they run about $15.00 a dozen. Remove the price tag. Buy a blank greeting card and hand write something in there from your heart, about $5.00. Ask her if you can meet her at a nicer than Starbuck’s cafe for lunch or light dinner, spend the rest there after presenting her the flowers, card and a long embrace with a kiss on top of the head and one passionate one on her lips. If you can muster teary eyes then that’ll be worth about $50.00 right there. Good luck.

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Flowers are nice. Earrings are always nice.

Or you could start doing something nice for her on a regular basis, without complaining.

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It really depends on what you did. Some mistakes you can’t buy your way out of. Like cheating, or stealing something, or saying something, like, “my ex was better in bed”.
Sometimes you just have to take your lumps and move on and wait for time to heal the wounds.
If its something like you forgot your two month anniversary, than let her cool off. Its called an anniversary because its suppose to be annual. Not monthly.
If you simply forgot to celebrate her birthday, than find a personal gift to give her to make up for not getting one in the first place. If she likes scarfs buy her a soft beautiful scarf of a color she doesn’t own or in her favorite color so she knows you are paying attention to the things she likes.
If she does love flowers, buy her her favorite. Don’t go for the generic flowers.

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A sincere apology. A gift detracts from sincerity.

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Nothing sweeter than a bouquet of colorful flowers.

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