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How do you react when someone passes gas in front of you?

Asked by Frenchfry (7569points) September 29th, 2010

Do you crinch and say “Ooo gross!?”
Do you laugh it off?
Do you pretend it never happened?
What do you do?

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It depends on what kind of situation and how bad it is. I’ve been known to say, “Oh, MY!”, “Wow.” or “Oh, my god.” Sometimes, you just have to pretend it never happened. Especially, if it’s you.

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Most of the time I ignore it but sometimes it smells so bad I’ll just walk away. When my brother does it however I tell him to get away from me and I call him nasty because he does it around me on purpose.

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I think to myself , did I hear that right? Then I say did you? LOL

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I had one friend in high school who would blow a raspberry after I farted. It was silly, but actually not a bad way to react. It acknowledged it so it didn’t just hang over us without embarrassing me.

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I fart back.

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I laugh, and sometimes if its gross I dry heave.

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I do nothing. It’s a natural human body function. We all do it 15 times a day. And if you say you don’t, you’re lying.

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I’ll laugh it off when I’m with family and friends, and tacitly ignore it everywhere else. In my own case, I try to be discreet.

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I usually say “Pardon? What did you say?” then laugh…:)

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I have a friend who used to say, “Is there a duck in here somewhere?”

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I think that guy is going to regret not filling up. No service station for miles & he looks like he’s running on fumes. Foolish boy :¬)

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I giggle usually. Other people farting makes me laugh but I wouldn’t dream of farting in public myself.

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if it’s people I know I laugh- my daughter and friends all think it’s funny- if it’s a stranger I shout ” piggy!!” hahahahaha

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@Leanne1986 You’re lucky that you have the luxury of choosing when you fart!

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@sliceswiththings It’s actually not all that difficult. Just keep tabs on yourself.

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@sliceswiththings I can hold it in when necessary. I thought pretty much everyone had that ability?!

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