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Should I change my performance moniker?

Asked by sliceswiththings (11661points) September 29th, 2010

This is sort of a strange question.

I have been performing as a street musician this summer in Provincetown, MA, playing the accordion. I named my act “Sophie’s Smokin’ Squeezebox” because it was fun and alliterative. I have a sign and facebook page in that name.

However, naive as I am, I didn’t realize the sexual connotations of such a phrase, especially from a young woman. This has been pointed out to me by fans, Christians, and my mother. I’m planning on continuing my publicity, so I want to stick with a name I’m not embarrassed by. I want to start a website and/or blog and make business cards, but not until I am positive about my name.

“Sophie’s Smokin Squeezebox” has seemed to work in Provincetown, a very vibrant, young town, but will it work in the rest of the world? Will the majority of people appreciate the catchiness of it more than they scoff at the accidental dirtiness?

My mom thinks I should think of something new, and my dad thinks I should keep it and ignore those who give me a hard time.

Do you, trusted Flutherites, think I should keep it or change it? If I should change it, can you think of something equally catchy?

If it helps, my name is Sophie (that part I can’t change), and my “squeezebox” is red.

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Keep it. “Mama’s got a squeeze box, daddy never sleeps at night.” It’s fun and innocent. Keep playing and enjoy yourself.

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Gosh, you could even make it a funny part of your act. “You all are a great audience. Sometimes I get these weirdos who think this is a different show entirely.” (lights cigarette)

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“I’m planning on continuing my publicity, so I want to stick with a name I’m not embarrassed by.” – Are you embarrassed by your current moniker? Because if you aren’t, and you like it, then I would keep it.

I love accordions by the way. You win 1000 awesome points for your smokin’ squeezebox ;)

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@muppetish Nah, I’m not embarrassed. Thanks!

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To the pure, all things are pure.

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If you’re not bothered by it, I wouldn’t change it. You’re young, a street performer and it makes the accordion sound awesome. Now, if you anticipate wanting to play for the ‘ladies who lunch’ or church groups or something, it might be a different story.

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