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On Facebook, when someone has a picture of a cat as their profile picture and no picture of themselves anywhere, what does that say about them?

Asked by Jude (32201points) September 29th, 2010

Hi! I’m drugged up on allergy meds right now (of the prescrip-shee-own variety, plus Prednisone (sp?))

Does it mean, they’re wanting to remain private, so, no pictures of themselves?

Or, they don’t think that they’re cute enough, so, a kitteh picture goes up?

Or, they are this fella in an orange kitteh disguise?

Or, they are a real MOOFiLY POOFiLY kitteh?

Just having fun.

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It means that they are losers…or that they really like cats… or its an account for a cat (which really exist)... all your answers can be true… enjoy the meds

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They’re a private person and don’t want their image to be copied and pasted all around the ‘nets.

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It means they have another account that you’re not invited to. Or that they don’t like facebook.

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It means they live their dreams through their cat’s life kind of like some people living through their kids.

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I don’t know, but I guess it probably means something similar to what it means when people don’t post a picture where their face is showing.



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Ha, true. Some people don’t want to be found because of their j.o.b. (think students).

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Check your pm, lovable jackass, bob.

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I wuv you, too, Miss J! :D

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Come and give me a hug, you one dimensional thang, you! xo

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I’ve got your third dimension right here, pal! XD

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They are losers, they are afraid to show themselves, they don’t think they are hot enough…

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It says they are smart enough to keep photos of themselves off of the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That means they look like cats ha ha… Or it shows that their cats’ personality represent theirs. It doesn’t matter whether one chooses to use his/her picture or pet picture. One could also use other people’s picture as disguise.

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It could mean that they like pussy.

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@Vunessuh Who doesn’t?

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Good point. XD

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It means I just got a new kitten.

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i didnt even bother reading everyones response but i had to reply… my little brother currently has on facebook a picture of his cat as his profile pic lol. im not saying this is an answer for everyone that does this but maybe for some. he has it because he loves the kitty so much and thinks it is so adorable he had to post it somewhere where EVERYONE will see it instead of ppl only seeing it when they decide to go thru his photo albums

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I’d guess one of two reasons: either thay’re a private person and don’t want their personal picture up there for anyone to do what they want with. Or they think their cat is better looking than themselves.

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It means they are FUGLY!

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@mama_cakes : All those fabulous meds…are you sure they’re pics of cats? Or do you only perceive them as pics of cats? Enjoy the meds. Well, I guess you already are!

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It means cats are taking over the world. The dogs need to get their act together or they’ll be gone.

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Maybe they’re purrrfectly happy with the anonimity. I mean, I have no picture of myself on here & i’m absolutely gorgeous darling. May put one up soon, may not. We shall see :¬)

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Either they like cats, they like pussy, or they want some of mama cake’s meds.

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@Adirondackwannabe Or you could switch the last two. ;-)

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@mama_cakes Were you having a good time?

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Probably privacy, they don’t want their picture on the internet.

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Perhaps they don’t wish to be reported to law enforcement by people who have seen their picture in the post office.

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I think most of those people are not very active and have just never taken the time to find a photo of themselves on their computer and upload it. So a cat is easier.

cough just contemplated making my profile picture a photo of my cat today….cough

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