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The Lost City of Atlantis: legend or reality?

Asked by Evelyn_475 (787points) September 30th, 2010

Does the lost city of atlantis really exist or is it just a legend?

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My opinion? Real.

This question may spark some interesting comments…

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I agree with @MissA
I believe that it’s real.

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I was under the impression this mystery had been solved.


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One resident would be Patrick…..Bobby….err this guy, what more proof could anyone need?

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I believe it existed.

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I’ll just throw this out

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Cracked just had an article about this and other “mysteries” that have been solved long ago. Turns out Plato actually SAID that Atlantis was a hypothetical city in his writing.

Not to mention even if he had claimed it to be real, plate techtonics tells us there’s no missing continents. And I’ve gotta say its pretty far fetched for some advanced city (even if primitive by todays standards) to just disappear and only one ancient philosopher has ever heard of it.

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I’m with @FutureMemory

I read this some time ago & believe it to be the best clue yet as to the truth of Atlantis’s existence being fact.. :-/

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I have conducted extensive research on this subject (in my brain). My research is totally unbiased (because I don’t know anything about it). I made many interesting discoveries on this journey (I have bipolar disorder). I have a major book coming out about this topic (in my dreams).

I can give you a few teasers right now, but for the rest, you’ll have to buy the book. First, I have discovered that I am a direct descendant of Queen Undawada, who ruled during the longest time of peace Atlantis ever experienced. It was when she was overthrown that the battle leading to the sinking of Atlantis occurred.

Anyway, as I said, for more, read the book (when I find a publisher and when it is published).

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I think it’s real, because life is just so much more fun when there’s the possibility of it.

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There has been a great deal of debate about Atlantis. The legend of Atlantis did not originate with Plato, the legend of Atlantis originated with the Egyptians. The story may contain some elements of truth. A lot of previous legends that had been deemed to be myths have been found to have actually existed (such as Babylon). You never know what might be discovered at some point in the future.

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Yeah, it’s a Greek island called Santorini.

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