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Tony Curtis dies : What were some of your favourite movies of his & how did you rate him as an actor?

Asked by ucme (50003points) September 30th, 2010

Yeah just found out another screen icon has passed away. As a kind of tribute here, i’m wondering about your response to this sad news & asking what you consider his best movies to have been? I’m going to go with this…..this & this. Thank you & go right ahead.

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The Defiant Ones!

@ucme Gosh, hate to hear that. He had so much tragedy in his life. His son’s overdose and so many marriages. He was great actor.

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This was always one of my faves. Not a sterling example of cinema excellence, but fun.

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@BoBo1946 Yeah as I say I just found out. Before my time but I like the older movies. True great!

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“Some Like it Hot” is the one I remember him for.

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My favorite is Some Like It Hot , but I also love Spartacus, The Great Race, and Houdini!

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Bummer I had no idea. He was pretty young and he had some great songs

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While Tony Curtis was a great screen persona, he was not much of an actor. “Yonder lies da castle of my fadder.”

I loved his comedies.

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I loved Spartacus.

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@chyna i had forgotten about that one. One of my favorite.

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I remember watching a lot of Tony Curtis movies when I was very young and not qualified to be a critic. I remember that I preferred seeing him in the comedies, and that I knew ahead of time that he was going to make me laugh. I clearly remember equating him with humor as a kid.

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@ucme I agree with your list, I would also add “Houdini” and “The Vikings”.

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Sweet Smell of Success

Was a wonderful actor and colorful man.

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Some like it Hot It’s my all time favourite film :)

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Yeah, he has some great movies to remember him by. My fave Curtis scene in S.L.I.H :¬)

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He was huge on film. He was handsome and charming and seemed to be a real nice guy who enjoyed life and was fun to be around. He took on challenging dramatic roles and did quite well on them. But he really shined on comedies and his performance in Some Like It Hot was phenomenal and rightly made him a big screen legend.. He had a second career as an artist of some acclaim and also put a lot of energy and money into charitable concerns. He was a gentleman whose contributions certainly enriched our lives (and he was, after all, at least partly responsible for producing the wonderful Jamie Lee Curtis).
See ya…..Gary/wtf

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When I was 8 I loved him. Oh, God, how I loved him!!!

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I do not even know who he is/was.

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Some Like It Hot

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I’ve not seen many of his movies, but by favourite of the ones I know was Spartacus.

He was pretty hot, back in the day.

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I liked the Viking (can’t think of the title, with Kirk Douglas) sad news indeed :-/

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@ragingloli , on the news they said, “He was the George Clooney, of his day.” I thought that’s a pretty good comparison.

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He lived 1925 to 2010. I have loved his daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis. I can see his comedic talent and personality in her. I always knew I would like a movie, if he was in it. . . .see the parallel with Clooney?

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That’s it :-/ doh….
I forgot the ‘S’ ;-)

Also…Spartacus.. I love those old epic movies, so full of substance, not like todays shite :-/

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…who the hell is Tony Curtis?

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Without a doubt, his best role was in “The Sweet Smell of Success” as the smarmy PR guy, Sydney Falco. It’s an Oscar-worthy performance. Burt Lancaster is equally fine playing a Walter Winchell type columnist. If you’ve never seen this movie, rush to netflix now.

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