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So, how do you feel about the Star Wars saga being released in 3D?

Asked by ucme (50034points) September 30th, 2010

As if I didn’t know :¬) Yeah i’ve noticed the trend for 3D is largely an unpopular one, on here at least. Which is fine, each to their own & all that. Myself I think in the right movie, if done well, it certainly adds to the entertainment & overall feel. George Lucas has announced his intention to release the entire saga in this love me or hate me format. Beginning with Phantom Menace in 2012. Personally I reckon Phantom Menace should be buried in it’s own shit, of which there’s plenty. Rather than shown again, whichever way they paint it. As for the rest, well i’ll keep an open mind. We shall see, shall we not? Oh almost forgot. “Hi there C3D-PO!!

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George Lucas, what a pile of shit he stepped into.

First, sounds cool to me. Star Wars in 3D is a natural transition.

Second, it is so amazing how someone can have such longevity over one product.
Never having to direct anything else and literally make billions from it. SWEET!

George you are the man! And, my bitch.

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I think it’s cool, but nothing to get too riled up over. Some people act like now you will only be able to see Star Wars in 3D.

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@J0E Yeah exactly, the “ooh they’ve ruined a masterpiece” crowd.

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I think it will be cool to see them in 3D, and by “them” I mean the original trilogy.

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I hate, hate 3D. It’s a great way to cover plot holes, make up for shitty filmography and in general cover up a pretty bad movie. So I can perhaps see why they’re doing episode I and II, which I thought were pretty poor anyway, but I hope they don’t get far enough to touch IV, V, and VI, which I’d really prefer to have be kept the same.

I by no means think they’ve ruined the movies, but I wish they would just let older stuff be without making it into 3D. But it’s all about the cash.

What’s next, Casablanca 3D?

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I don’t think it’s ruining anything, I see it as providing just another way to see it. The classic version will always be there.

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Call me a purist if you will, but if I’m going to watch a 35 year old movie, I’m going to watch the movie that was made 35 years ago – when Han shot first, Alec Guinness was Obi Wan Kenobi, and Darth Vader was ruthless and mysterious, not a 36 year old paraplegic with anger issues.

Which of course means, I’ll probably never watch it again, as my original VHS (which is the closest I know to get to the original theatrical version, and even that was altered) was stolen a long time ago.

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I probably won’t see it.If I did,I would doze off.Just ask this person

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That George Lucas… man, he knows how to milk a good ol’ cash cow.

I dislike the 3D craze that is going on right now, but I am not about to get up in arms over this. Seeing Star Wars in 3D would probably be a cool event for younger kids to go see since they have not had the opportunity to see any of the franchise in a theater. I’ll stick to my dad’s videos, though.

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@Seek_Kolinahr—Okay, you’re a purist!
@lucillelucillelucille Seems that gorgeous “person” could very well write your biography. A veritable minefield of information on you :¬) Hmm, I wonder what such a book would be called…........?

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I think it’s safe to say that whenever a “new” (1950s new!) technology comes around, there will be a “new” Star Wars to go along with it. I’m still betting on Smell-O-Vision.

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All the 3D in the world can never hide the fact that the prequels in its entirety were 1 dimensional rubbish.

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@lucillelucillelucille :¬D…...One suggestion i’d make: She Who Throws Pots : The Quint-essential tale of life by the potters wheel! Now hey, I really think i’ve got something there :¬)

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I cant wait for colorized movies from the 80’s becoming 3D.

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I’ll wait for when it’s released in 4D.

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Being blind in one eye I can’t see 3d anyway, but I am so envious of everyone else being able to see the X-wings running down the channels to take out the Death Star. Epic.

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@ucme -XD
What about conniptions?I have thrown those before;)

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@lucillelucillelucille All better now! Do you know what? I just bet you have :¬)

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I honestly don’t care. I’m a Star Wars fan, but I don’t care to see it in 3D. Call me an old fogey, but I go to the movies to watch a story unfold, get to know the characters, and listen blissfully as the rumble of the bassy surround sound rumbles in my chest during crazy scenes. I DON’T go to movies to be all WOOOAH THAT PERSON’S HAND JUST NEAR ABOUT TOUCHED MY FACE, YA’LL! Plus it doesn’t help that the first (and only) 3D movie I saw gave me a headache which turned into a migrane and I ended up throwing up because of it. If 3D’s your thang, then by all means, go watch Star Wars in it. I bet it’ll be awesome looking and fun. It’s just not for me. <3

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@NinjaBiscuit Precisely the right approach.

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It’s not going to be in 3D though is it? George Lucas can’t go back and shoot the thing again with 3D cameras so all we’ll get is the same old print pushed though a computer and it’ll try to guess (badly) what it should look like in 3D.

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@Lightlyseared Time will tell. Any excuse to go watch them in the theaters again would be my point of view.

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It’s going to be the ol’ Highlights Magazine version of 3d, though. That is, red and blue glasses? That’s going to be a PITA with my corrective glasses. And you can’t just watch it without the glasses, or it’ll look like I’m looking through beer goggles.

Just put the original, theatrical version of Star Wars back on the silver screen, and I’m in.

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Rangerr! Rangerr where are you?! Mouse forwards the question.

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@SuperMouse Thanks! I almost missed this! (I almost asked it yesterday, too.)

So.. I’m not completely sure how I feel yet. I’m not too big on 3D. BUT…
It’s Star Wars back in theaters. Granted, it’s not the original release which I prefer over the newer ones. Han did, in fact, shoot first… and Sebastian Shaw will always be my Anakin.. but I have pretty high trust that Lucasfilm will make the 3D look good.

I’m not too thrilled with them starting out with the prequels, but I can understand why I think they are doing it. Kids now have The Clone Wars, so they already know Anakin and all of the prequel characters. Doing the story in timeline order would be easier for the newest generation of fans to follow. I do know quite a few kids who have only seen the cartoon.
It should bring in a new generation of fans, too. Which really excites me. Kids are getting really into the SW universe because of Clone Wars.. so I’m hoping this introduces even more younglings to the fan base.

But while I’m partially annoyed.. my mind is still going something like this:

You know they wont just stop at doing one in theaters.. they’ll most likely re-release the entire saga..
So imagine these scenes in 3D: The podraces, the TIE battle, the Hoth battle OHMAN AT-AT IN 3D! The Endor battle, the speeder bikes, the Trench run, the Death Star, the star destroyer, the Kamino battle..

Not to mention, the release night is going to be amazing for costumed trooping. Yeah. I’ll be there in armor. We’ve already got our group together.

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