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Why does my iTunes lose the location of music files?

Asked by dpman (1points) September 30th, 2010

For some reason iTunes occassionally loses the location of music files. When I go to “locate” the file I press “Esc” key and then CTRL+I I see on the summary tab that the location now has “file://localhost/c:..” and the rest of the path of the original file location. What is going on?

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This usually happens because you either
one; do not have your iTunes and music folder flowing together (I do not know proper terms) and they are not connected- you should make it so that you can manually work with the music files and add them yourself. I, however, have it linked so that they change in both locations.
two; you are not saving them properly- maybe you didn’t save it on your computer properly or you saved the wrong file.

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