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What is your favorite season and why?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) September 30th, 2010

Season’s are a-changin! Which one is your favorite and why do you feel this way? I’m curious!

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My favorite was season 1 of Heroes, all the others sucked.

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Crisp Mac Apples, crunchy leaves, the rain, cool Autumn air, the smell, Mums (flowers), pump-pi-kins!, sleeping with the window open, and pea coats.

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Spring and fall. The summer get friggin hot. The winter drags out too long.

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WINTER! It’s the only time of the year that it is genuinely cold in Southern California and that’s just the way I like it :)

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I look forward to spending time outdoors, barbecues, long walks with the dogs in the sunshine, spending time in my garden, planting out my flowers, sitting out on the patio at night with a cool glass of wine – waiting for the bats to appear. not necessarily in that order

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Why winter of course! I mean, snow & christmas…..what more could anyone ask for? :¬)

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@noelleptc – Not just bugs. LOVE bugs. ;-)

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I love all four seasons for different reasons and at different times. My favorite, though, is Autumn.

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Hmmmm… south Texas seasons. Are there any?

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Don’t you talk about my brother like that.

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Seasons? What’s a season?

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Autumn. I’ve never been a fan of summer and so the arrival of Autumn fills me with relief.

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Summer. It’s the only season of the year when I’m ever warm enough.

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Yep, it’s hunting season folks!

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@downtide I couldn’t agree with you more. We don’t live in such a warm country do we?

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Because Halloween fuck yeah

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Oh, and I like garlic power.

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Spring- because I love the planting and the new plants coming up and Summer because I love to go camping and try my new veggies.

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I love winter for the coldness and near silence in the nights. The only sounds are people and coyotes. I could care less for the sounds people make but during winter I tend to hear coyotes most.

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Fall is pretty damn cool, but I love spring when the world (In Northern California) is green. When Daylight Saving didn’t start until late April, it was nice to see the sunrise so early.

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Fall and Spring. I can’t decided. Fall cool weather and spring flowers.

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Fall is my absolute favorite. The cool, crisp air. The gorgeous, crunch leaves. PUMPKINS. Apple butter.. omigoodness. Fall is everything that is wonderful. My close second favorite is Winter. Snow.. hot chocolate.. the smell of snow right before it starts falling.. the smell of wood burning in fireplaces.. scarves.. Love it!

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Winter. I prefer the dark nights, I get out more too :-/

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Fall…. Theres thunder lightning and rain outside… need i say more??

Winter comes in second

i live in SoCal. That is all.

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Fall. Changing leaves, perfect temperatures, chilliness, thick socks, beautiful colors, flannel, awesome clothes, pumpkins, good drinks, cinnamon things, halloween, thanksgiving, soup. i could go on for years.

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Falltime. The heat and humidity are gone, the leaves look nice and it’s not snowing yet. Mild, cool days along with cool nights.

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@noelleptc – Cool… my friend lives in Georgia now too…. >.> im a little suspicious.

Hahah, joking…

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I have to vote for fall because of the color and the temperature. I live in Ohio, so we have all four seasons, but fall is the best.

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IMO, it’s the only appropriate season to eat spicy food.

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@noelleptc – Lol suuuuuuuuuuuuure…

O.o I got my eye on you!

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My fav season is definitely Fall….autumn. I love the crisp air, walking hand in hand with your special loved one through the crunchy leaves and nature trails. Wearing sweaters. Hiking and seeing the Fall changes. Pumpkins, apples…best are Honey Crisp!! Love picking apples at Tougas Farm every year with my children. Making apple crisp and applesauce! Picking out pumpkins and carving them. Watching the leaves change to their beautiful colors. Raking leaves and making a pile to jump in. Halloween. Watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Leaving your windows open at night…cuddling next to your special loved one.

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Spring in Arizona is so beautiful that the state publishes a magazine to show off pictures.

BTW “Mogollon” is pronounced “mug-ee-own”. Just so people know what you are talking about. (It is a cliff that separates north from south.)

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