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Is there a Fluther Chat Room? If so, where ?

Asked by judochop (16114points) March 30th, 2008

I am a rookie here at
The other day I read a post where someone said, “I would be happy to talk to you about this in the chat room.”

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Man o’ War (for support and Fluther issues):
and Watering Hole (for social chat):

Make sure, if you’re going to bookmark them, bookmark these URIs (not the ones you get redirected to).

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@andrew: It would be cool if you could add “Chat Room” or something similar to the menu up in the header of Fluther. Not only useful for people to discover them, but also for people who know about them to get to them. (Just something to consider for future versions.)

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@richardhenry: Coming up!

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It looks like the URL for the Watering Hole has changed.. This should work.

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None of the URLs provided above work.

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You need to be an active member of Fluther for a while before you can access the chat now. Once you’ve been around for a few weeks, send a private comment to either johnpowell, delirium or PnL (the chat moderators) and they will give you a link.

Sorry for the stuffiness, but we’ve had a bunch of spam attacks recently. Hope you understand.

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@richardhenry Thanks for the tip.

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I can never get in when I want.


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I think we need a new URL now, @johnpowell and @Zach_In_Black

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