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Would you call in sick on day 3 of a new job?

Asked by tranquilsea (17739points) September 30th, 2010

I never would. In fact, I rarely called in sick at all even when I was sick. Now I know that I am an extreme in the other direction but the first month of work is extremely important.

Of course there are things you need to call in sick for: raging fever, broken leg etc.

How about for food poisoning? A cold?

What would you think of an employee who did call in sick on their third day?

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I’d think they’re really sick, because they wouldn’t want to call in sick on a 3rd day.

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What I would think would depend upon the seriousness of the illness or injury. I also think I would want to see a doctor’s excuse.

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I actually have quite a problem when it comes to things like this. I have a very strong immune system. in the last 15 years I have not been sick for more than a 15–20 hour period. even then its usually because I ate something bad. In the past 5 years i have not been sick at all (non food related) I get colds from time to time that last about a week, but they are so mild i cant even tell they are there. normally i just say to my self “i must have been smoking too much” when i consider my self sick, im very sick, meaning constant vomiting and more.

So, can i call in on the 3rd day if i am actually sick? No, because the very day after i will be perfectly ok. and if i show up on the 4th day looking fine, they will think i was faking. So, my only option is to go in looking pale and vomiting, and tell them that i have come to prove that i am sick and that i will be back tomorrow.

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Food poisoning, yes. You don’t want to go to work and stay in the bathroom. A cold, no. Take cold medicine and buck it up.

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No. My sister taught me that if you really are sick, go into work, but let them see that you’re sick, so that they can send you home, so you don’t get a bad rep. If they don’t send you home. well oh well

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No, this is how my ex-wife got fired after day 4. She got the shingles and called in, she said she was in pain, but ran errands as well, I told her she should haave just showed up to at least show you want the job that badly.

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If you are sick, you are sick.

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No, I would not call in sick on the third day of a job. I would look askance at any employee who did.

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If I was on day 3 of a new job the only things that would keep me off work would be things that would put me in hospital. Otherwise it’s a sure way of losing your job.

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I would hate to do it, but if I was seriously ill, I would. I would also fall all over myself apologizing for having to do it, and offer to make up the hours by staying later or working on a Saturday or something.

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I went into work with a broken toe in my first few weeks. I’d think you’d better be extremely sick. That said, if you are puking from both ends, no need to show up to prove it.

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In my experience then it’s better to show up looking like death than to call in sick. It shouldn’t have to be that way, to be asked to go home because you look truly ill but most employers really don’t believe most employees and few of them seem to really care how sick a person is unless that person looks awful and others don’t want them around. I’d go in to work and let them decide to send me or keep me.

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I would do my damndest not to, that’s for sure, unless I had absolutely no other choice, like I was in the hospital and couldn’t go. That early in a job better to go in sick as a dog and have them send you home than call in sick, I think.

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So many employees just take chances in order to get paid for a day at home with the sniffles, now matter how long they’ve been employed. I’d only call in sick if i were so sick that i were throwing up or were really dizzy or something. The flu won’t even keep me away, not on day 3 anyway.

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I didn’t do it on day 3, but 2 weeks in – I had actually left the day before at noon when I started barfing in the bathroom. It was in a general doctor’s office, so I don’t think they held it against me since they knew I was building up my immune system.

I did call in on the first day of work when my car was stolen.

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I hate when sick people go to work anyway. I was visiting a person last month who actually had to call in sick on her first day of work. She had been an intern for several months and was to start her first day of a full time paid employee.

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Not the third day. But if you really were ill then yes I would.

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It really depends on the sickness. If it’s something like a cold, fever, or stomach virus, I’d go in. I may feel like shit but none of those things technically prevent me from performing the job. If I had an employee who called in sick that early for something that wasn’t really serious, I’d question how much they cared about the job.

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See, this is why people go to work sick. People say they’d rather you’d call in sick than bring the germs around them, but if you do call in sick, people think you don’t care about the job that much. You can’t win.

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I got sick in my first week on a job in a small office – really sick, bad cold, visibly ill, couldn’t drink anything besides hot water. I also happened to be subbing for a longtime, popular employee whose wife just had a baby. So I sucked it up and came in – with him out, there weren’t enough people to sub for me easily. The weekend came soon enough that I didn’t die, and I got props from my new boss who understood how bad I felt. And, though it’s been a long time ago, I seem to recall that they let me leave early a couple of days.

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Only if I were on death’s threshold. I would not even do it now that I have been with my employer for over 15 years. It would have to be something that makes it physically impossible for me to get there. I would go in, perhaps faint there and be pushed out!

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I had an inguinal hernia flare up on my second day of a new job, and was forced to call in sick. Thankfully, my new bosses were very understanding.

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@meiosis Eeek. Thank god they didn’t make you show it to them ;)

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@papayalily Heh! Months later, when well ‘refreshed’ at a works do, I showed my new boss the scar from the repair operation. He was suitably impressed.

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DEpends on the job.

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I get really riled up by people who go to work putting on a brave face when they have something as medically boring as a common cold. Keep it to yourself, not shuffle about all over the place.
Employers make me mad as hell when they say stuff like “it’s just a cold, you can still come in” __Piss. Off___!_ It’s a cold. __STAY AT HOME__.I don’t want your germs floating about in my airspace. Good lord. It’s common sense. Colds are contagious. If you get a cold on your third day at work, don’t be a hero, get better first. Get it shifted.
I say this because I went to work for a company for five years, barely phoning in sick. In fact, I didn’t phone in sick once for two years. I am a sucker for getting colds, I hate that shit just as much as hey fever, something else I get almost every damn year.
For the first two years, I stuck at it whether I got a cold, hey fever or some other sniffle and cough problem. After that though, my body decided it wasn’t liking it, and at one point it took two months to shift a common cold. There is no way on earth any company is paying me enough to go to work with a common cold that isn’t going to budge for two months.
Take more care of yourself than your job. There is nothing worse than piling on undue stress on your system in order to impress the boss. The boss can wait, your health cannot.
Stress by the way, is a big contender for people leaving work in the first place.

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