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What are some reasonably priced, good quality (sounding) and aesthetically pleasing electric guitars?

Asked by Jude (32112points) September 30th, 2010

It’s for my girlfriend. She really loves Telecasters.

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Heck it’s hard to beat a Tele for sound and looks! The Squire versions sound and play great and are priced a lot less than the full on Fender versions.

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I don’t know prices, but after visiting one of the Gibson factories (in Memphis) I can tell you that they are pretty fanatic about quality.

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If you get a standard tele, it won’t be more than 500$.

If that is too pricey then Squire is the way to go.

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@kevbo Gibsons are priced extremely high. In my own opinion, they’re worth it though. They’re one of the top of the line brands. They have a few “more affordable” models but they’re priced really high for what you’re getting.

@mama_cakes Here’s a list of Guitar Center’s prices for new Fender Teles. And here’s a list for used Fender’s.

If you don’t want to go used and the Fender’s are too much, Squire is a great alternative.

Guitar Center is high with some of their prices. You could probably find a better deal at a smaller, less known music shop but you can use GC’s list as a reference.

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Does she want a straight electric or would an acoustic electric be an option as well?

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I myself completely disprove of Fenders. Tele’s do have a unique sound, but I wouldn’t consider them smooth. If you want a decent guitar that sounds good, (also which is all based on personal choice) you’ll have to go out and play some. Based on good quality and a nice smooth sound I’d suggest a PRS (Paul Reed Smith) but they’re not cheap in the least, or a Gibson, not Epiphone! There is a big difference. Basically anything that’s made well with an ebony fret board is going to sound pretty good. If you’re looking for more of a dark smooth eclectic tone, I would suggest ESP, Schector. These with rosewood (Or ebony) tend to scream performance.

Basically, you should inquire about the companies reliability to make a quality guitar. You could find a diamond in the rough from a pawn shop. I have and if I had the money at that time I would’ve bought quite a few guitars from pawn shops. So, I say, go out and play some guitars.

My suggested guitars that I wouldn’t recommend are…
Fender – majority of their models, but the ones I like are probably well out of your price range and mine as well…
B.C. Rich – Complete crap. I’ve never played one I liked. They look cool, but that’s about it.
Epiphone – Just don’t. If you want a Gibson, buy a Gibson. You can’t recreate the experience.
Yamaha – Their electrics suck. Acoustics are decent enough to get by.
Squier – The cheap Fender and you know how I feel about Fenders.
Peavey – I myself don’t think they make quality guitars, but their amps have gotten much much better and I’m not sure about their guitars anymore, but my rule of thumb has never settled well with Peaveys.

Guitars I would recommend…
ESP – Love them. Just about everyone I’ve ever picked up has been a great play. I own 2 and want a few more.
Dean – Tons of tone and play ability.
PRS – Amazing gutiars
Jackson – Jackson guitars are tricky. They do make some crap, but on the other hand they do make some unbelievable products. This is where having a person with you that knows about guitars to find a good Jackson.
Charvel – The original Jackson. Charvel’s are clean with a nice bright tone.
Ibanez – Base line models are alright, but things like a Gem (Steve Vai signatures) are fucking amazing.
Gibson – Not a real fan, but they do make quality fucking guitars. I’m a fan of SG’s, but I do like some tonality of the Les Pauls. Just wish they weren’t so big and heavy. If any guitar could break your back over an extended period of time, it’s a Les Paul.
Floyd Rose – I have yet to play one, but I want to real bad. Floyd Rose is originally a type of bridge. Recently they’ve started making guitars and I found myself interested.

And that’s all I could think of off the top of my head, lol.

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