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What are the main holidays in Autumn?

Asked by zeroearth1304 (32points) September 30th, 2010

I know about Thanksgiving and Halloween. Any other kind of big holidays in Autumn? Please!!!!!!

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Dia De La Raza (Columbus Day)
It is a federal holiday in the US after all.

Veteran’s Day
Another federal holiday

There are probably holidays in other countries, but the ones I mentioned, along with Thanksgiving and Halloween are probably the big ones in the US.

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There is Mooncake Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrated by the Chinese throughout the world. Sweet delicacies like mooncakes are everywhere during this period.

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There’s always Mabon and Samhain (the root of modern Halloween).

Also, here’s a list of Asatruer holidays (Norse Paganism).

You may or may not think these are “main” enough to note, but many others do. :)

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We have Sweetest Day where I live.It’s like Valentine’s Day with less candy ;)
Devil’s night.The night before Halloween where Detroiters set fire to everything.

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Holidays, where? This isn’t just a US (or UK, or even Northern Hemisphere) forum, you know.

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My birthday.

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Well, it’s major to me.

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All Saints Day/All Souls Day/Dia de los Muertes.

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Guy Fawkes Day November 5

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@zeroearth1304 That depends…where do you live?

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@zenvelo – I see no reason that that one should ever be forgot! :D

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Easter in Australia and Chile.

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