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I have a Americana chicken that laid 3 eggs in 24 hours. Should I be concerned about her?

Asked by rollboyz (7points) September 30th, 2010

She laid 3 eggs in 24 hours I check them everyday @ the same time and I had 3 green eggs today and yes she is the only american I have.

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Thats pretty cool though!

She just triple ovulated and the forming eggs all developed and were ‘born’ within that time frame.

Sort of like having twins or triplets, they do not all come out at the same time. haha

Each egg takes some hours in the reproductive tract to form and harden it’s shell before birth. Soooo, takes around 8 hours per egg so she is just a prolific layer today!

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Just make sure she is on a good lay formula with extra calcium ( oyster shell ) and you can also feed her calcium rich greens and sunflower seeds too!

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No. She just laid a few eggs. Remember humans can do that to. And its not freaky.

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I’d be on the phone to Ripley and Guiness!

Seriously, I don’t know if it means anything bad, but it sure is unusual! I never had a chicken lay more than one egg in 24 hours. Maybe I had lazy chooks.

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Just think if the eggs she produced were solid gold! ! !

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She does get around, eh?

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keep the KFC guys away from her..and she will be fine… I wonder if a chicken can take fertility drugs?

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