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How to get that sticky lable glue off of glass bottles?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4912points) October 1st, 2010

You know, that nasty glue that just won’t budge no matter how long you soak it in hot water, even after the paper part of the label is long gone?
Preferably no nasty chemical suggestions please. :)

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Lighter fluid will dissolve and clean it off very quickly.
Do you consider that too nasty?

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Lighter fluid, petrol, nail varnish remover and rubbing alcohol are all good.

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Thanx guys. I don’t know about lighter fluid, i don’t have any, BUT i have the nail polish remover, i’ll try that first. :)

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A much safer solution is soapy, hot water. let the sticker soak for about 15 minutes. be sure the soapy water is BOTH inside and outside the glass for this time period. john

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Nail polish remover (diluted with water if you’re worried about fumes).

Alcohol of any kind. I use methanol at work and it does pretty well for removing glue and stuff from bottles.

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Have you tried an old toothbrush or scrub brush? If they don’t work, there are metal bristle brushes that should work.

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I use a fairly natural type of “goo-gone” called De-Solv-it. It’s made with orange oil and other natural-type stuff (although I’m not sure what the “wetting agents” are). Works great on all sorts of adhesives, waxes, gums, all sorts of stuff. I spray it on the labels and let it soak in for a few minutes, then scrape them off with a pan-scraper.

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@john65pennington – i actually have soaked them in hot soapy water for longer than 15 minutes (dish soap), and it didn’t work. :/ It does work for very few glass bottles, the labels just slip off, but most of them don’t, and i don’t think scrubbing will get it off either, this glue is potent, haha.
Anyway, i’ll see what i can do this weekend. :)

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Olive oil, or any oil that you have. But I use olive oil to get sticky stuff off jars and bottles and plates. Then I wash it in hot soapy water.

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WD 40 works also
So does hot water and a fingernail, razor blade or kitchen knife.

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@llewis Xylene (aka xylol) is the main solvent in products like Goof-off, Oops!, and Goo-Gone. In my experience it seems to work better than most of the other hydrocarbon solvents mentioned by others. Beware of flammability & moderate toxicity.

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@gasman I don’t think it’s in the De-Solv-it, though. The solvents are citrus oils. It’s the wetting agents that I don’t know about. Non-toxic, and I doubt it’s very flammable. hmmm, that might be an interesting thing to try…

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