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What are the 5 dumbest things to do on Facebook?

Asked by ETpro (34480points) October 1st, 2010

What are the classic Social Networking mistakes? Our creative Flutherites can probably rattle off 5 with no outside help. But just in case you are having trouble getting the mental gears to mesh, here’s what Trent Lorcher thinks are the top five. Who is Trent Lorcher, you ask? Come on! Look him up on Facebook, for goodness sake!

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Have Wall fights. I mean seriously? so everyone can see? i hate when people do that.
Invite a whole bunch of people to those stupid games like Farmville
Write slanderous things all over someone’s wall
Updating your status everytime you do something. It’s not freaking Twitter!

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I agree with all of Trent’s picks, but I would like to add…

1. Friending people you don’t know (so you can have 500+ friends)
2. Playing Farmville (or any equivalently stupid game) constantly
4. Liking a thousand random things, for example: Jill Smith likes riding unicorns into beautiful rainbows… or Jack Miller likes I love her so much it hurts :(
5. Inviting people to EV-ER-Y-THING!

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1. Nude pictures of yourself
2. Posting your phone number.
3. Poor spelling.
4. Telling everyone when you are not home.
5. Being on Facebook to begin with.

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1. Join.
2. Join and use it.
3. Join, use it, and post personal information.
4. Join, use it, post personal information and not terminate your account immediately.
5. Think that Facebook is not something that should be purged off this planet.

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And, one more GA!

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I agree with all above… I had to delete my account. I didn’t like everyone knowing what I was doing at that time if I decided to post something on my wall or update. I liked MySpace before it tried to become like FB. ehk…

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So… what’s wrong with Facebook? If you don’t want others to have your personal information just adjust the privacy settings. If you don’t want everyone knowing what you’re doing, don’t post it.

I mainly use it to see what others have been up to and their pictures. Also, updates from my favorite TV shows and websites.

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1— posting any personal details
2— calling your boss a wanker
3— posting nude pictures
4— telling weird lies
5— joining it in the first place (yes, i do have an account lol, as soon as i spend my advertising credits im closing the account)

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This is how I see Facebook.

It is a place where insecurity is allowed and encouraged to run ramped.

I mean, are you that off balance that you need to (have to) let the world know your every move.
Flaunting you life before them like a hot apple pie on a window sill.

I say, I could care less what others think. Its my pie and that is all that matters. ;-)
Matters to me alone.

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1, Post pictures and/or videos of yourself doing something illegal.
2. Listing your phone number, email, and birthday.
3. Posting sexual things on someone’s wall, especially when that someone is underage or is not your significant other.
4. Having 12,000 friends – 11,999 of whom you don’t even know.
5. Bragging about how you took a “mental health day” when your boss is a facebook friend.

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Anything that makes it onto Or I had to block the status updates of a girl I used to work with because when she was pregnant/in labor with her baby, her posts were exactly like what you’d find on stfuparents…what pushed me over the edge was when she started informing all 800 of her friends how dilated her cervix was….just don’t do it. Just don’t.

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@ChazMaz and anyone else that is bashing about how stupid facebook is- You don’t have to tell everyone everything… You control what you put on there. And, you can control who see what you put on there. To me facebook is about socially connecting with people you know that you otherwise wouldn’t have much connection with.

1. Post your house on places on facebook for the iPhone so that people know where you live.

2. Not adjust your privacy settings so that everyone can openly see your information/pictures.

3. Nude pictures.

4. Writing about how much you miss your ex in your status.

5. Facebook games.

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@Randy thank you for summing up my feelings about facebook very clearly!

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@SuperMouse Great minds think alike! ;)

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@Aesthetic_Mess I am inundated with invites to provide extra life in war games or some benefit in Farmville. Argh!!!

@erichw1504 I like your 5 as well as Trent’s.

@ChazMaz Yep. Posting when you will be out of town is tantamount to posting a Burglarize Me request. Don’t do it unless you have really good insurance.

@ragingloli I’m guilty on 1, 2 & 5. But it’s been a boon to me connecting with family. Most are on the West COast, and I have 11 grandchildren to keep up with.

@erichw1504 I agree. If you manage an account sensibly, it’s a great tool to stay connected with distant friends and family. If you want total anonymity, you;d need to be a hermit and live in a secret cave somewhere far from humanity. Not my cup of tea.

@poisonedantidote Like the first 4.

@ChazMaz The real culprits letting the world know everything they do is Twitter.

SuperMouse Copy that. Right on all 5.

@Frankie She definitely pushed the TMI envelope.

@Randy I’m with you. Used wisely, it’s a great tool. It’s kind of like a hammer. Hurts like hell if you keep hitting yourself with it. So don’t do that. :-)

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I agree with most of the above, plus:

*Using Facebook as a soapbox for your political ideas/thoughts
*Choosing to have every move you make on every game you play post to your newsfeed and profile
*Making up vague, distressed-sounding status updates so people will ask you what’s wrong. If you need that much attention, get a dog.
*Using Facebook as a soapbox for your religious beliefs
*Being too stupid to censor yourself when your Mom, Dad, significant other, boss, or coworkers can see everything you post

I have to admit, however, that I love sites that make fun of what other people have posted on Facebook. I can waste so much time cracking up at that stuff.

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Yes @Randy, that’s what I’m saying! It’s an amazing tool to stay connected with people from high school and places you used to live or work. Controlling everything about your profile is what makes it great and private.

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@Randy GA…I absolutely agree with you. I think facebook-bashing is the new “cool” thing to do, but facebook can be a very useful tool for the right people if they use it intelligently. As a college student I use facebook to keep up with old high school friends and acquaintances, my family (since I live 8 hours away from my immediate family and even further away from my extended family – we use facebook to share pictures and keep up with our everyday lives), to keep up on various local businesses and organizations that I’m a “fan” of, to keep track of social events like parties, events on campus, happy hours at bars that my friends win, etc. I don’t post my phone number, my address, or my class or work schedule. I don’t post private information in my status updates. I only have 250 friends, because I only accept friend requests from people I actually know and have at least had a conversation with.

The key is to use it intelligently, and honestly, facebook isn’t for everyone. There are some people who just have no reason to use it. When I first joined facebook five years ago, it was still only for college students. Sometimes I think it should have just stayed that way. But oh well, I do enjoy keeping up with my family when they’re all so far away.

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“I think facebook-bashing is the new “cool” thing to do”
The new? lol

It was useless the day after it came out. Going back to the early days of the “internet” you could already see the “Run Away Train” coming.


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New being a relative term. In the past couple years or so, yes, I’ve seen a lot more facebook-bashing, most of it coming from people who are non-college students and don’t have the same use for it that college students do. I’m certainly not being nostalgic for “the early days of the internet,” but five years ago you didn’t have all this ridiculous Farmville/Mafia/Sorority Life/what-have-you and there weren’t as many issues with privacy, simply because there were less users and a LOT less things you could actually do on facebook. Perhaps facebook is useless to you, but it is a very useful thing for people who actually have a reason to use it.

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“but it is a very useful thing for people who actually have a reason to use it.”

I totally agree with you. :-)

just like cigarettes.

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1. Post your social security number as a status update.

2. Give /b/ your login information.

3. Remind your boyfriend about how he’s permanently invited to the love cave between your legs.

4. Post angry comments on the wall of someone who has recently died.

5. Upload nudes or otherwise compromising or terms of use-abusing photos.

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Along with what everyone else is saying, I’ll add this.

I find a lot of status updates to be redonkulous and irritating, yet harmless, and I’ve personally witnessed some epic fights/debates on status/comment threads. They may be dumb things to do, but for those who do it, keep it up, because it gives the rest of us something amusing to read.

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I love crackbook. Meanwhile, my top 2 stupid fhings are:

1. Letting people know you are away from home
2. Posting nude photos

Most other things don’t bother me, I can ignore or hide the other stuff.

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1. Join
2. Still be on there the next day
3. 4. & 5….......there aren’t any because 1 & 2 were so good.

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I’ve been on facebook now for 2 years. I am addicted, but I can control myself.
Sometimes it just gets too boring and I sign off.
I never check peoples profiles, it’s just something that I don’t do.
If I don’t know the person I never add them just to get 500+ friends, I only have 270
I sometimes get annoyed with people posting statuses that maybe say something like “going to eat dinner”, I say who fucking cares!!!!!!!
I love facebook, but now since I am more in school and have a lot to do, I always go on Fluther rather than Facebook.

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1. posting your phone number
2. talking about “vacation” so everyone knows you will be gone
3. friending a bunch of random ppl just to get “neighbors” on farmville and other games
4. posting countless game/app invites all over someone’s wall so you can’t even see if that person has posted anything themselves
5. spending half your life on it, reading up on everyone like a little voyeur

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@WillWorkForChocolate I have one friend who set up a special facebook account just so he could get neighbors on a particular game. He noted very clearly that was his only purpose for the account, that one has more friends than his personal page!

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The same 5 or any number of things that would be dumb to do in any open and public arena.

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My mom created Facebook pages for her brother, husband, and best friend so she could use them to help her play games. She’ll have “them” send her things she needs for her farm or zoo or whatever. When you go to her profile, it’s page after page of updates about several games. I don’t think she does anything else all day. Every day. It kind of defeats the purpose of reconnecting with friends and family when you ignore them all to grow fake food and take care of fake animals!

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I never heard of Trent Lorcher before looking at that link. I don’t have a Facebook account nor any other social networking account to begin with and I never will. Fluther is as close to a “social networking website” as I’ve come and plan to get. Maybe one he should have added however is keeping your account private, allowing only people you are close with or know very good to have access to your profile.

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@MissAusten Good additional points.

@erichw1504 & @Frankie That’s my experience as well. Thanks.

@Frankie Good points about the new challenges the users face, but that still doesn’t lead me to @ChazMaz‘s complete rejection of the site as foolishness.

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard You certainly came up with 5 bad ideas for facebook that trump what Trent Lorcher listed. :-)

@Vunessuh Yep, the boss can use the Google too.

@JLeslie You are so right. So what’s the URL to your nude pix. I’m a great fan, you know. :-)

@ucme Sounds like you and @ChazMaz need to found an alternate social network for hermits. Choice of silhouette generic pictures and generic profiles. No chance anyone ever contacts you through them; :-)

@Thesexier 270 friends. You’re about 250 ahead of me. :-)

@WillWorkForChocolate Yep. Eccept if you live in Texas and love your guns. Then post you are going on vacation when you aren’t; lock and load. and wait for the fun to begin.

@SuperMouse Everybody finds their own sweet spot.

@rooeytoo Great point. Most of the things mentioned would be equally stupid to do here.

@MissAusten Your mom has too darn much time on her hands. But if it makes her happy, it’s no skin off my nose.

@Jabe73 As @rooeytoo noted, many of the prohibitions regarding safe use apply here too.

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@MissAusten @ChazMaz @ragingloli Eloquently put, guys. Couldn’t agree more.

I’m someone who admittedly fell into the “Facebook” trap, for all of the above mentioned reasons. I have to say this : it sort of sounds silly to put any stipulations on something like Facebook, or to suggest that it should be used “this way” and not “that way”. To me all of these negative things are what defines Facebook, so there isn’t a “dumb” way to use Facebook or “Facebook mistakes.

When I think of Facebook, I dont think of lots of people just taking advantage of a nifty convenient way to “stay connected” to old friends, co-workers or relatives. I think of scandalous Facebook photos, a stalker-tool, melodramatic status-updates or updates about people’s days, people’s facebook-gaming notifications, religion/political soap-boxing, people sporting the fact that they’re going on vacation for the weekend, birthday notifications, people who think they have over 1,000 friends, unwanted picture taggings, etc. If you ask me, all of these things (combined, especially) don’t assist good, positive, constructive, clear social communication, they inhibit it.

Sure, you could make your profile super private and only have about 15 of your closest friends, but at that point, what is the point? Yes, you can keep in contact with every random person you’ve met in your life, but is that really necessary? In my opinion, the people who matter are the people who not only have my phone number but use it (and vice-versa).

I’ll give it this much – it does make party invitations and on-going events much easier to coordinate. However, I’ve been doing just fine without everything else.

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1. Posting that you called in sick for work when you’re not. And later realizing that your boss is on your friends list.
2. Posting about your sex life when your parents or other family or on your friends list. Awkward.
3. Can’t think of anymore, but some really great examples of facebook stupidity can be found at lamebook

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@Disc2021 As much as I have defended Facebook, I am one of those very limited friends users. I have maybe 2 dozen, and half of them are my grandchildren scattered here and ther thousands of miles away from me. For keeping up with them, it’s great.

@Thesexier I guess I’m just not trying. :-)

@zannajune Thanks. Definitely bad ideas.

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@ETpro I’m not knocking that at all, if that’s what works for you (and evidently many, many others) by all means, Facebook away =D. Just from my perspective, I’d much rather those who are interested in keeping up with me contact me in a more personal fashion.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Did you happen to notice on the post with the girl with the love cave between her legs that her status is “Engaged”? Ha, I bet it wasn’t to the stud she had sex with she is going on and on about.

One of my facebook friends constantly posts about how drunk she got the night before, is about to get drunk that night, how much weed she smoked, etc. She is going through a divorce and fighting for custody of her two kids. If she is too stupid to figure out her husband could use this against her, I’m not telling her. She also constantly talks about calling in sick to work (hungover). Wow, how does she even have a job?

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@chyna, hahahaha, I didn’t even notice that! Thanks for that.

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@ETpro , you da bomb. lol

“need to found an alternate social network for hermits.”
Amazing, how well we did without it.;-)

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I thought of another dumb thing I’ve seen people do: trying to get the “see who views your profile!” application to work, liking something like “I won’t pay for Facebook in June!” or otherwise falling for even the most obvious scams which open you, and your friends, up to hacked accounts and viruses.

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@MissAusten I’ve seen that “see who views your profile” app and wondered what it was. I don’t care who views my profile as my settings are on private, but I didn’t realize it was a scam.

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@chyna The most recent one I saw had people taking a very long survey and basically spamming the people on their friends list with invitations to also “like” the application. If you actually go through with the entire process, which includes typing in your cell phone number, your cell phone bill will have a charge of (I think) $9.99 added each month. Also, the supposed feature of being able to see who visits your profile and how often doesn’t even work.

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@poisonedantidote, @Frankie, @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard & @Vunessuh: Thanks for the links. I laughed out loud.

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1. Posting every second of your life. That really annoys me. I mean, I can understand every few days, even months or years. But every two seconds someone is updating on something either about work, friends, love or just in general. Myself, I normally post a movie quote or generic statement as my status update, not something about my life.

2. Also, I don’t understand why you’d post any pictures of your kids online or use them for your profile picture, especially if they’re newborns. Why drag your children into your personal drama online? Isn’t drama bad enough in real life? Even if your profile is private, hackers can find ways around social networking security to gain access to your profile.

3. Posting your vacation plans and what you plan on doing. That’s just asking to get robbed while you’re not at home. I have no idea why people brag about going away. The sensible thing to do would be to do it AFTER you get back.

4. Copying and pasting a “post this as your status if you believe in this and that or if you’ve lost someone” blah blah blah. Right. Once you’ve posted that, what difference has it made in your life? None.

5. Announcing to the world that you’re cleaning out your friend’s list. Why do you have to announce it? I have seen at least 3 or 4 people do this and I could care less if they delete me.

For me, facebook is a way to be amused by others. It’s interesting to see just what people will post and how far they’ll go.

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