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DId anyone ever have a Barbie who could be pregnant?

Asked by kissmesoftly (406points) October 1st, 2010

My mother thinks I’m freaken nuts, but I remember having a Barbie that had a slit in her back where a plastic baby could be pushed in and her stomach expanded. I don’t remember exactly what her stomach was, it could have been rubber (like her back) or stretchy cloth. I seriously have never seen another one, and my mother doesn’t remember me ever having one. But then again, she doesn’t remember trivial things like that.

By the way, I’m only 19, so it would have been in the 90’s)

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It was Midge” not Barbie. And you can get her for only $96.

She has her own website called Pregnant Barbie, but it’s really Midge.

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You’re not crazy. It was actually pulled from several stores because parents objected to how the doll appeared (which is ridiculous.) The article is from the 2005, though. So there may have been a variant of the doll released prior to this… I don’t have any catalogs on hand (they aren’t mine, mind you. My mother has been a Barbie collector for some time now.)

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@wundayatta How disgusting lol…...

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Apparently, she was pulled out of Walmarts because she seemed like an unwed mother.

Oh. I never had one. I just googled it.

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@wundayatta It wasn’t that, trust me. I would remember the stomach coming off. The baby was pushed into the back, expanding the stomach. And I agree with the fact it was very weird.

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Pushed in through the back?

So much for anatomical correctness. Oh, wait… we’re talking Barbie™. Never mind.

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@CyanoticWasp Hahaha
@wundayatta Dude, I had the doctor play set as well as the babysitting play set. Funny right?

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@kissmesoftly It seems the part in her back was to enable her to rock the babies, not give birth to them.

“this is a very fun little playset and doll for my daughter. barbie has a part on her back that you move so that she will rock the babies. you can also push the baby powder button on the set and it makes the babies move in their beds.the babies are very detailed and cute. comes with lots of extras bottles, diapers, hamper, etc. barbie’s outfit is also adoreable and her shoes fit well. the only flaw we have encountered is that the little mobile charms fall off if you take the plastic bands off. ..” (same page as linked to above)

Here’s a commercial for that doll, I think. They show the babies rocking, but not the slit in the back.

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@wundayatta You know those 90s rubber coin holders? It looked like one of those. :/

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Here’s a page containing a picture of someone pushing her back, but you can’t actually see the opening.

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Ooh that Ken…...he’s a randy little bugger. Barbie loves plastic inside her & of the non vibrating kind. Now there’s a novelty.

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@wundayatta the opening was like the purse, and you pushed the baby into it.

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All Barbies are pregnant. They’re just not showing.
When was the last time you saw one having a period?

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HAHAHAHAHA They should make a Ken doll that vibrates.

Yea, I went there.

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Knocked Up Barbie?

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I never seen one of those.

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I remember a newspaper column from San Francisco, where a woman in a toy shop asked if a Barbie comes with Ken.
The store clerk replied: “No, she fakes it with Ken. She comes with G.I. Joe”

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Hmm…my Barbies didn’t even have vaginas. Sounds pretty cool though.

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We couldn’t find condoms small enough to fit Ken’s wee-wee, so we used regular condoms and just pulled them over his head. I guess that plan was flawed.

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