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What's the most exotic thing you've eaten?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30795points) October 1st, 2010

You can have it at many Thai restaurants, but I absolutely love to eat curry out of a pineapple shell. It’s delicious and makes me feel like I’m back in Thailand.

Maybe you’ve been to a real clam bake on the seashore, or have you eaten something almost unspeakable while visiting Asia?

What have you eaten that you think is wild and exotic?

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I tried the boudin while I was in New Orleans. It was nasty.
I did like the alligator sausage though!

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Roasted Lamb’s Head

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Fried pork brain on toast. Freaking delicious!! :)

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Cow’s stomach stew is good too…

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I mean scrapple.

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@marinelife : I’ve had those. I had to dip them in barbeque sauce to eat them.

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A venezuelan woman, ha-haaa…....

No…...I had good sangria in Spain and I had a gyro in Crete lol.

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@BoBo1946 : Ugh. It only goes to show that you can find anything on the web. :-)

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@hawaii_jake it was gross…loll for sure!

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Crayfish out of a local river thinking they would taste like they do down in Louisiana….they don’t. Ptewee! I also tried snake and alligator and they taste like….snake and alligator.

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@Cruiser no one can fix it like La…. i understand your comment.

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@marinelife already said Rocky Mountain Oysters which can be freakin’ delicious How about God-knows-what? meat in Mexico? They said goat but on the spit it looked an awful lot like rat.

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Natto. That is some seriously nasty stuff.

And these things in a Korean tofu stew that looked like fish eyeballs, popped if you chewed them and were filled with liquid. I forget what they actually were…

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Termites in Belize.

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There was this one guy in…
Anyway, probably pig intestines.

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I sucked sea snails out of their shells in asia and have had Elk Raviole and escargot. Thats abiut the extent of my culinary bravery.

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Garlic snails?

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Speaking of rats, I was in a really poor part of Dominica. We’d gone there to see the giant rock snake sliding down into the sea. When we came back, our guide asked if we wanted to see something. This old man was really poor, so he had to eat what he could get.

We went to look. Whatever it was, he put it in one of those large canned food cans and had it covered with some kind of lid. He took the lid off, and it sure looked like a rat, only bigger. Turned out is was possum, and it was illegal for him to have it and eat it. It looked so appetizing that I had to get out of there as fast as possible.

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Hmmm. There are no marsupials in Dominica- there aren’t many mammal species at all. Are you sure it wasn’t a solenodon? That would be too bad as they are highly endangered. Or perhaps a hutia? That might make more sense, as I’ve read that solenodons smell horrible. And Wikipedia says “They are hunted for food in Cuba, where they are often cooked in a large pot with wild nuts and honey. One of the recipes is hutia stew: sauté with green peppers, onions, tomato sauce and lots of garlic.”

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@crisw It was almost certainly a solenodon. They did say it was illegal, and it did look kind of like those pictures you showed me. A giant, furry rat. Looks cuddly when alive, but it was very sick looking in that pot.

It was definitely not a hutia. The reason I thought it was a possum was because of the long pointy face and the rat tail. It is too bad about that, but it is also too bad that the man was so poor he had to eat one.

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Kangeroo meat, just tasted like a very rare steak so I liked it.

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