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Ever see something that you thought of first?

Asked by CMaz (26243points) October 1st, 2010

You had/have an idea for an invention. Carried it around in your noggin for years. Always wanting to follow through.
Then one day, there it is. And it is not your idea any more.

So what was it?

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The double down chicken sandwich at KFC. Even tried making one at home… wasn’t as good though.

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There is a tool on the market that helps potters trim pots with ease.Much like an idea I have been mulling over for years.Then one day “Poof” there it is in an artist’s magazine.!@#$

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I had two ideas for two different screenplays, in which I wrote the details down in my notebook and about a year or two from both ideas entering my mind, both films with very similar story lines were released in theaters. I was already into 20 pages on one of them. >.<

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Enveloping machine. I invented, head designed, calculated the producing price. Then I found out it’s already exist… :)

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Whether that’s because all my ideas have not been thought of by others yet, or because I have had no ideas, I’ll leave to you to decide.

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Back in 1980 81ish. I was 16/17 years old.

I had an idea for photography. Converting negatives and slides to digital images. Had it all written up. Was nothing like it or available at the time. especially for the consumer.
The L.D.V.S.S – Light To Digital Video Storage System

Now it is common practice. And no need for the film. Did not see that coming.

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I have a bunch of t-shirt ideas, but no way to make them happen (Cafepress sucks). I lived in the ‘south’ and some redneck-y areas that contained quite a few mullets. I had many conversations with friends about this and I would always conclude by saying, Look. Friends don’t let friends have mullets. I really, really wanted to make a t-shirt that had that saying on it and carried it around in my head until I could make it happen.

Then, one day, I was out somewhere and HOLY SHIT, there’s a guy with my t-shirt! No joke – ‘Friends don’t let friends have mullets’. I couldn’t believe it, so I went up and talked to him and asked where he got the shirt. Then, I went and bought one myself.

I’m happy I got the shirt, but it should have been my creation. ;)

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Mostly artistic pieces (songs, writing or dialogue) that mimic thoughts I’ve had and dismissed as fodder. More than once I’ve said to myself, “Wow. He made that (junk thought, idea, etc.) into a song.”

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When I first saw my cousin with the first DS consol by nintendo I said “they should have acamera” well what do you know, now they do. And when Ipod first came out I said they should have a camera to….

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I occasionally get ideas fro things, but when I look them up, it turns up other people already thought of it. The most recent example is tiny tongs

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Reading (magnifying) glasses with tinted lenses for reading in the sun. Darn it !

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