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What are some good/bad or indifferent anagrams you can find in : tap the collective?

Asked by ucme (50037points) October 1st, 2010

Yeah just a random game if you feel inclined to join in. Better if you use your little grey cells rather than any online “aids” such as generators. However if that’s the road you want to go down feel free, it’s all good. So any takers, the longest or indeed funniest will gain deserved kudos in the form of lurve. Hmm, not sure if this should be in social or meta. I mean it seems like a social question & yet has a fluther theme at it’s heart. I wonder…......

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A Eclectic Theft Pullover Moth

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A Cocci Theme Flutter Help Volt

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“Cult He Form” and “Cum Her Loft”

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Electric flap

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Yeah just to be clear, you can utilise any or all of the letters included in the full title.

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Elf Revolt Tactic: Pouch Helmet.

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spelling out flutherdotcom, I get Chortled oft. Um

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A Clutch Fettle Hovel Tripe I’m not as brainy as you, but saw this and laughed!!

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Cult movie plot: Feltch Teacher

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@filmfann at first I read that as “cute” movie plot and had sincere doubts about your definition of cute!

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Tit mother of AC.

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Tell me a true lie.

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Come, cute erect phalli.

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@ratboy- You’ve spelled come wrong in that context.

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Fck me—I was missing u.

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