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How 'bout a new music game?

Asked by Trillian (21116points) October 1st, 2010

We played it back in VA Beach on a radio station there. You name three songs that have some connecting theme and see who can guess what the theme is. For instance, you might say 1. Cat’s in the cradle, Harry Chapin. 2. Living Years, Mike and the Mechanics. 3. Levon, Elton John. The tie would be father/son disconnect, or unresolved issues with father and son.
Is anybody game? I’ll start; 1. Synchronicity, Police. 2.Young Americans, David Bowie. 3. You Oughta Know, Alanis Morissette.
Obviously, the more songs you now, the better chance you have of getting the connection.
Must dash!

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I’ll start with a really easy one since no one else seems to want to play

City of New Orleans – Arlo Guthrie
I Know You Rider – Traditional, various artists
Won’t be Long – Aretha Franklin

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Oh, I forgot to answer your riddle, @trillian.

Answer is: I don’t know right off the bat. Have to get back to you on that.

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@lillycoyote You crack me up (on the last answer)!

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I didn’t mean you had to know mine to play, it is kind of difficult. Acts of violence Synchronicity – A humiliating kick in the crotch – Young Americans – A sock on the jaw, You oughta know – A slap in the face.
Thanks for trying @lillycoyote I’ll have to get back to you on yours..I have no clue. Maybe this game is too difficult….

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@lillycote How about the railroad industry . . .?

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@Trillian I was going to say the dark side of family life? That was my take on it, because the people they seem to all be socking in the jaw are current or former loved ones. Or maybe not, I looked into it the other night, and the first part is the only part of my answer that I remember. There did seem to be a fair amount of leaving people behind and heartbreak too, in the songs you picked, if I remember correctly. I’m not going to revisit them now, though. Hopefully someone else will be willing to play. One of the local public stations has or at least did a have a “theme show” where people would call in with three song requests that shared a common theme. It was kind of fun.

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@Kayak8 Yes, they are all songs that reference or talk about something railroady. You got it!

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Meh, looks like not, but you are kind.

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