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Building with bamboo?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (625points) October 1st, 2010

We are going to be attaching some sturdy plastic roofing material to large 3” diameter bamboo shoots spanning the length of the roof. Several questions. The bamboo shoots are hollow in the middle. Would be necessary to use a screw longer then 3” in order to put it through both sides of the bamboo? Also, is it more beneficial to use screws over nails?

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First of, i never worked with bamboo.
But i think i would screws over nails, because i fear that bamboo shoots might split quite easily when hammering nails into it.
When using screws you can drill holes before you put them in to avoid splitting.

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I think the traditional way of attaching bamboo is lashing. I have seen the amazing bamboo scaffolding they use in Asian countries and it is always lashed. Did you google?

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You do need to go through both sides of the bamboo and you should drill pilot holes first. You can then add the lashing for the cool effect @rooeytoo is referencing.

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I was recently made aware that bamboo explodes when it catches fire, but fire’s always dangerous. I can pretty much guarantee it’ll split if you just bang a nail through it. @rebbel is probably right about drilling the holes too. But depending on how you’re going to attach the plastic to the roof you might just want to use nuts and bolts. Also, if you can reach inside the shoots and decide on nuts and bolts there’s not really a reason to go through both sides.

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As @Kayak8 has sort-of-but-not-actually suggested, drilling through-and-through and using bolted construction would probably be best. In fact, I think that I would also use a thin metal sleeve or collar around the bamboo at the point where the through holes are, to give a better surface for the bolt head and washer to bear on.

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