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Can Mold Cause Chronic Allergies?

Asked by food (790points) October 1st, 2010

There is mold in the corner of a room in my house. Could that be the reason my tests show that I have allergies? (I only know I am allergic to dust now)
Also, what other chronic diseases can be caused by mold?

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Many people are allergic to mold – it’s not a good thing to have constant exposure to it. I believe (and may be wrong here) that there are some types of mold that are actually toxic to all humans and possibly other animals, rather than it being an allergy. If your immune system is overwhelmed by the mold, I can see it reacting to other substances, too.

You need to get rid of that mold, or move.

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There are many different kinds of mold.

Here is an excellent article at allergy nursing and another more technical article at health and Energy

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Yarnlady, the article about the different types of mold was very useful and answered another question that I have googled before and had not been able to find
I wonder if I could take the mold to a lab to find out which one it is

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@food Yes, I’m sure there are labs that could test it – probably the fee would be rather high. You might contact you local college and see if anyone is interested in doing a study on it – especially if they have a ‘sustainable’ studies program.

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Here’s the thing. Once you disturb black mold, the really bad stuff, spores can start flying, and the air can get thick with mold, it’s awful. Can you just pay to get it removed? Rather than pay for the testing? Is it just in one small area? Is it green or black? Have you tried bleach on it to get rid of it? Do you have carpet in the room?

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Get rid of it professionally and see if you feel better. As far as I know, no mold is supposed to live with humans. But listen to @JLeslie about black mold- don’t try it yourself.

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Absolutely. It can also be deadly. Get that crap out!

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Well, the ivy (or some type of vine) was taken off the outer wall. The ceiling board was replaced and some extra mold elsewhere was scraped off and now we are waiting for everything to be repainted.

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Yay! The ceiling and walls have been scraped and repainted. The vines have been removed, and the wall outside was painted with a sealer. So hopefully this solves our problem? at least healthwise, and for the time being.

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There was no carpet in the room, thank goodness. The mold was black.

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Yes! I was in an old, leaky house for several years during college and developed quite a serious mold allergy. But while mold allergies stink, just be sure you are not developing signs of toxic mold. This article lists some of the symptoms. That would be more of a concern.

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