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Anyone feel that there is something unique about 4am?

Asked by Jaybee (220points) March 30th, 2008 from iPhone
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I can’t say that there is anything specifically unique about 4:00 although for the last 26 days I have woken up at exactly 4:09 a.m. and it is now getting to the point that the phenomena is disturbing me.

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Starting tomorrow I will be getting up at 4am for my new coaching job. (practice at 5, in 28 degrees, feels like 19 and freezing rain)

I will get to see the sunrise. That is something not many people get to see.

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something illegal or immoral is probably going on if you have been up all night

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@buster. That’s such a broad statement that it’s completely untrue. I stay up all night frequently watching movies with my girlfriend, or writing songs in the park at night. Neither of which are illegal.

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Are you talking about the Our Lady Peace song?

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@JayBee: please elaborate, otherwise my answer is: no

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I believe that there are some meditation practices which consider that this period of time (4 – 6am) to be very energetic. Actually, both pre-dawn, and pre-dusk periods. (Unfortunately, I can’t remember where I heard this from or which practice it is, though a google search turned up a number of meditation centers in Nepal, etc with this practice.)

As a morning person, I wake up very regularly at 5 or 6am. It’s one of my most creative periods of the day. Even when I am exhausted because I’ve had to sleep late (and late being anything after midnight for me) I automatically wake up that early. It’s actually better for me to putter around and use this pre-dawn period and then go back to sleep afterwards, than to try to sleep immediately.

It’s 7.29am here now in Hong Kong…. I think I’ll head back to bed.

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songwriting in the park at 4 am? that not very safe in a lot of parks

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Well it’s safe at the park I go to. My point is that not everything that goes on in the early am is illegal.

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well, I’m sleeping like a baby, so yeah, Its especially unique, my baby let me sleep like he does…

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It’s a strange time of night. But wonderful. If I drink coffee in the afternoon, I will spontaneously wake up at 4:00 and wonder why, and then remember the delicious americano I had earlier. You have to wait a bit for sunrise, but if you are up at that hour, it is a real treat.

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I imagine I’ll be up at 4am tonight. I’ve got some literary analysis to write. Meh.

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If you look at one hour before 4 AM, then the devil might have something to tell you.

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In my opinion, 4am is great because of how close it is to the moment things start happening. Just after four is when things start to get a little lighter, you start to hear frequent noises outside, and the world seems to be waking up.

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dunno about 4 am, I’m usually either unwinding from work or asleep for a couple of hours.
I do have another strange time phenomenon though- I always seem to look up and check the time at 9:11 am. This has been ongoing since the tragedies that took place on September 11, 2001.

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this is a unique and very strange question

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