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Does Rogaine really work ?

Asked by Scarlett (915points) October 1st, 2010

Just wanna know if Rogaine really works ?

My doctor told me I should use Rogaine 5% Foam for men.

I am a female 21, and the hair on my temples has been increasingly thinning over the past year.

Some people have told me if works, some say it takes about a year to see actualy results !

Has anyone here used Rogaine and has it worked for you ? Do you know anyone who’s used it, and it worked for them ?

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I remember back about 12 years ago when my ex-husband was using it the directions said not to use if you were female. I may be remembering this wrong, but I think it had to do something with if you were in your child bearing years. There is a female version, so I wonder why your doctor wouldn’t suggest that one? It seemed to work on my ex, but remember, when you quit, the effects stop also. My ex is now pretty much bald, or so I have heard. ha.

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I think the bulk of the data supports the fact that it works on the crown of the head in men. I can’t speak for the application your doctor is suggesting, but it has worked for me in the manner described above.

It can’t hurt. There are other topical remedies out there as well, including a good one (I’m told) that’s available by prescription.

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Yes my doctor told me it was ok to use the Men’s Rogaine 5 %, and I searched on google about women using men’s rogaine for them also, and they said it worked for them.

What about B vitamins to make the hair grow ?

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I started using Biotin as @marinelife suggested for my fingernails to get stronger. I noticed my hair started growing like crazy, but I didn’t notice it getting any thicker. My nails really grew too. It took about a month before I noticed a change.

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Yes it works, but if I remember correctly there is concern for using Rogaine during pregnancy, so you need to be vigilant about birth control, and if you accidently get pregnant, you need to be prepared to make a decision. I don’t think it is known to be detrimental to the fetus, but I think it is suspected. You may want to ask a doctor about that specific concern before you start using it if it is something to consider.

Did they test your thyroid?

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Does your doctor know you’re pregnant? That could make a difference, both to whether or not it’s safe, and sometimes a bit of hair loss is a rare side effect of pregnancy.

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Animal studies of the tablets of rogaine that you take orally (to treat hypertension) showed some teratogenic effects on the fetus, but it’s never been studied in pregnant women, and the topical rogaine foam that you use to treat allopecia (balding) has never been studied studied in pregnant animals or women.

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Gosh, I had forgotten @Scarlett actually is pregnant. I would not use Rogaine. Have them check your thyroid and whatever other hormones your doctor thinks might be worthwhile. Your pregnancy could be screwing around with your hormones causing your hair to fall out. The doctor who told you to use Rogaine, was it your GYN? Don’t take anything without running it by your OBGYN.

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Rogaine likey just slows or stops the hair loss progression for men. I tried it but I’m allergic to it even when diluted to 2.5%. It is healthier to be bald than add unnecessary chemicals to your body. We already loadup with soaps, sunscreens, lotions and potions and medications. We have to draw the hair-line somewhere.

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some warnings about men’s strength Rogaine when used by women:

Skin Reactions
•Women who use men’s Rogaine may experience increased scalp sensitivity including inflammation, tenderness, swelling, rash, lesions, dry scalp, dandruff and itchiness.
Facial Hair
•Using men’s Rogaine can cause women to develop facial hair. While being diligent in removing any excess solution that may drip onto the forehead or down the face may help to reduce the growth, it will not prevent it completely.
•Women who use Rogaine that has been developed for men may experience hypotension, or low blood pressure. They may also suffer from lightheadedness, dizziness or blurred vision as a result of the decrease in blood pressure.


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Yes It does work ,but you have to keep using it because if you stop the hair will fall out again /not grow.

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Regaine foam includes Minoxidil, an active ingredient that boost hair growth. This active ingredient potentially enlarges blood vessels and increases the growth of hair to your scalp while giving nutrients and thickness to your hair. This FDA-approved medicine is used by people worldwide who have also stopped the concern of baldness among people.

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