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When was the last time that you cleaned or changed your air-distribution unit/system filter?

Asked by Brian1946 (27768points) October 1st, 2010

By air-distribution unit/system, I mean either a window-mounted air conditioning unit or a centralized climate-control system.

How does a clogged filter cause a motor to burn out?

Does a clogged filter cause both the compressor and fan motors to burn out, or does it just burn out one or the other?

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I wash mine every new season, so 4 times a year. Doing it on a specific date helps remind me to clean it. I have no idea about your other questions, but I have a really good air/heating guy that even comes on Sundays and doesn’t charge extra.

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What months do you use your system or do you use it almost every day of the year?

I live in Los Angeles, and the longest consecutive period that I’ve gone without using any heating or AC is about 1 month.

Other than that, I just go a day or two without using either of them, and that can be even during our “winter” or summer.

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I pretty much use mine everyday of the year. I might go a couple weeks in the spring and fall when I can open my windows, but not much more than that, unfortunately.

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Every three months—- TOO much pollen… other stufffffff, need to do it tomorrow.

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my thermostat has a timer that tells me to change the filter, based on how many hours it has been running. It’s been about 2 weeks on this one so far.

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