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Who would you invite to your dinner party?

Asked by AmWiser (14927points) October 1st, 2010

You’re afforded a once in a life-time dinner party where you can invite any four people in the world.

Who would you invite?

I’m thinking I would like to invite:

Bill Clinton or Barak Obama…I’m debating on which one:P
Alton Brown to cook our fabulous dinner
Oprah. Every fantasy dinner party needs a little Oprah
Dave Chappelle…the man is freckying HILARIOUS

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Daniel Radcliffe for the eye candy and because he sounds like a cool guy and a great activist for the queer community. I want House there too, for good measure (man, that would make an incredible threesome). I’d want to have Jessica Valenti there and Julia Gillard. it’d be cool to have Clinton over at my house, he’s a vegan now, mostly

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This may sound ridiculous, but do they need to be living people?

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@Pied_Pfeffer darn! I did mean to say living persons. But since I didn’t, invite who you like. I know where this is going to go now:D. Oh well.

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John Cusack for the eye candy and I like his voice, Ellen DeGeneres because I think she is funny and cool. I can’t think of two more. I’ll have to think on this and get back to you.

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@AmWiser It’s not too late. Flag your question and ask to have it added in. All the answers so far are of the living.

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I can’t think of 5 living figures that interest me enough, so I’ll go with dead people of varying notoriety.

1. Teddy Roosevelt (of course)
2. Jack Churchill (the paragon of ass kicking)
3. Annie Oakley (I’d be tempted to hook up with her)
4. Alvin York (he’s from my state!)
5. Manfred Von Richtofen (to see if him and Alvin could get along)

This dinner would basically be a world summit on badassery.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard ‘badassery’? Annie Oakley…I’d love to be a fly on the wall at your dinner party.
Badassery…..Such a neat word XD

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@AmWiser, it’s one of my favorite words!

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I’d prefer to have been a waiter at the Algonquin Round Table.

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Assuming we’d have translators present:
Genghis Khan
Albert Einstein
Wolfgang Mozart
Marilyn Monroe

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@marymaryquitecontrary, that would be a cool conversation. Einstein would totally bag Marilyn.

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Hahaha….‘bag Marilyn’...really? Wow..whatta’ya think their offspring would turn out like?
Man, that would be an experiment huh? Brilliant and bimbo, sorta like crossing a Border Collie with an Afghan hound. lol

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I would invite Ghandi, the Buddha, Jesus and Plato. lol

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@Coloma, Einstein was a bit of a man-ho, but he was kind of sexy. If he and Marilyn made babies, they would be awesome. Great answer, by the way.

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Larry,Curly Moe and Shemp.I hope they can cook ;)

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Frank Zappa
Robin Williams
Carmen Salvino
Ayn Rand

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Zappa! haha

Is yellow snow on the menu? lol

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@Cruiser Man, I’d totally spankedy-spank Rand.

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I have a feeling that Rand was a total freak in the sack… not that I’d hit it… just sayin’

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@Coloma Yes that will be served for desert while we watch @Simone_De_Beauvoir spankedy-spank Rand!! XD

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George Carlin, Osama Bin Laden, Prof. Brian Cox, and Gene Roddenberry.

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@poisonedantidote any particular reason for Bin Laden? I’m just curious:\

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Mebbe @poisonedantidote would put poison in his food and withhold the antidote?

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@AmWiser im just curious what justification he has for his actions. the pentagon, a government building I can understand, you are angry with the american government so you target a government building. but why innocent people. plus when we are all done with our meal, we can jam a fork in his eye and collect 5 million.

But yea, personally, i think if a government is corrupt enough, then sometimes a violent revolution or terrorist attack can be justified. and he is university educated so he must be capable of an intelligent conversation on the matter. it would be an interesting night at least.

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Education has nothing to do with peoples cultural, familial, religious and personal belief systems. Many highly educated people may never address the most important life work one can ever do, challenge faulty beliefs and programming.

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Any four? Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge, Nikola Tesla and Michael Faraday.

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1. My friend, Drake since I haven’t seen him in forever and can’t see him
2. Patricia Day…lead singer and bassist of my favorite band

You know, my brain isn’t working today. I can’t think of anyone living that I would invite other than these people right now.

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