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Is there a shot my mother can take to remove the bone stuck in her ankle joint?

Asked by Scagweed (2points) October 1st, 2010

My mom was recently diagnosed with a bone in her joint of her ankle, and the only way to remove it is to cut through tendon that won’t grow back and pull it out. But my father was saying there might be a shot she can get that would dissolve the bone and keep the tendon. Thanks ahead of time!

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She needs to talk to a doctor about her options.

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ummm, I trust you are meaning a bone fragment rather than a bone (we all have bones in our ankles). I had a bone fragment in my ankle and had to have it surgically removed and I am much better for having had it removed. My doc did the surgery starting with an arthroscopic procedure to remove a number of the fragments and then cut my ankle open to deal with the tendon problem.

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Welcome to Fluther. Hell of a starting question!

I’d be VERY leery of getting a shot that could dissolve unwanted bone fragments. There’s a lot more “wanted” bone in my body; how does “a shot” know which to keep and which to dissolve?

No thanks. I’d prefer a skilled surgeon for this one.

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I would get a second opinion and speak with a foot and ankle surgeon

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ok thanks guys, looks like tendon cutting is the only route.

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