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Can I use iTunes on windows via bootcamp using the same music on my Mac?

Asked by linuxgnuru (207points) October 1st, 2010

I have a Macbook Pro 13” with bootcamp using Windows 7 Ultimate. My question is, I have over 48GB of MP3s on my macintosh hard drive, with bootcamp I have access to all these files but I can’t get Windows Media player to add them to its library. I was wondering if I installed iTunes for windows would I be able to play the music?

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Yes – If your iTunes library folder is stored on an external hard drive.

Once that is done, launch iTunes while holding down the option key on the keyboard. You’ll soon get a dialog box with a button (on the right) that says ‘choose library’. Click it and navigate to where you stored your iTunes folder on the external hd.

Repeat this step on both the Mac OS side and the Windows 7 side.

Next time you open iTunes on either side after that, it’ll automatically open that library.

I’m pretty sure this’ll work as I’ve shared a single library between different computers with no problem.

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You could also install macdrive which will let Windows 7 see your mac partition. That’s how I have my computer set up.

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