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Have any of my friends, here at Fluther, used the Otterbox iPhone Armor Series phone protector. If so please share your experience with it. I am looking for a case that can really protect the iPhone from the elements. Thank ya very much.

Asked by cornman (737points) March 30th, 2008 from iPhone
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I’m sorry cornman, I dont have the case your talking about but I do have this rubbery one you slip onto the iphone and the brand is “incase” and I really like it. I’ve dropped my phone a couple times with the case in it and it really protects it.

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I just ordered their defender case, it should be here by week’s end. I decided aganst the armor case becauseyou can only use the handset with the Apple headphones and you also can’t listen to music through the built-in speaker which I like to do I’d I’m in a quite room by myself ooing chores in the house.

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ok meant doing chores, LOL.

CHECK for info on the otterbox cases for iPhone


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update: the defender case is my favorite to date, but I did have to rig it by

1) removed the Donaldson acoustic panels that cover the ear hole, speaker and microphone
2) kept my Crystal Support film on the screen

3) removed the built-in screen film because the oil slick look sucks and the feel of it isn’t very smooth as far as the iPhone interface

4) removed the film that lays over the camera lens just because

I love the feel of the silicone outerwrap and I think the feel of it is overall improved in terms of being able to now prop it hands free on my shoulder without fear of it falling, and it’s easier to hold when you’re typing. This case is not for hose who want to keep the sleek feel of the iPhone, though. It has increased the weight slightly, and it feels more like my old T-Mobile Sidekick II used to in terms of mass. It does still fit nicely in mypocket. The big thing I like is that the docking port and headphone port are always protected.

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I just bought the otterbox armor case. It is tremendously srong and protective, but i had no clue that you HAVE TO use headphones. it doesnt allow you to use the phone mode without a combination headphone/mic! Major drawback. You also cant charge while in the case.

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@ deepseas72 ~ if you call Otterbox they will gladly exchange it for a defender model. Their customer service is outstanding, in my experience.


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