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Should I continue with University this year or sit it out?

Asked by jjosephs (115points) October 2nd, 2010

Ok, I’m repeating my 3rd year of University (Computer Science Bsc) but very serious financial constraints is forcing me to consider sitting out a year.

The thing is, it’s only me and my mom. My mom is currently unemployed and I work a full-time job to meet the bills. She’s getting a part-time job but her pay doesn’t even cover the rent alone.

She’s really pushing me to continue this year but if I do, that’ll mean I’ll be going through the semester with the constant stress of working and the constant possibility of being evicted. You see if I go to school, I simply won’t make enough and her potential earnings doesn’t cut it to cover the bills.

Do you think I should really go back to college this year. I’m thinking it’s best to sit out a year and get more funds. Also, my performance will definitely be affected since I’ve already missed 5 weeks of classes, and will have to work and go to school full-time. In addition, I already freelance in my field so a year off from education in exchange for experience is better than a year of mediocre performance in all areas of my life.

What would you do if you were in my shoes?

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I think each choice has it’s pro’s and con’s.

- You could sit the year out, build up more funding and gain freelancing experiences. You may fall into the “never-ending break” trap or gravitate away from school. Getting out of the swing of things may make it hard to go back when you are finally ready. Or…

- You could keep going, keep your head above water and do the best you can. You’ll be stressed out as well as your mother with the current rent and tuition situation. However, when the time is up you’ll have a degree which will put you a step above where you’re at in the career world.

Why are you repeating your 3rd year? If it’s evident that the financial situation has exhausted your performances in school, in my personal opinion I say sit it out until your 100% ready to give it your 100% all.

Above all, whatever you decide, as a student who has “taken a break”, I wish you best of luck. It’s hard out there dont ever never give up – keep fighting.

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You should get a job and take a few classes as you can afford.

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Do you have to go full-time to school, or do you have the option of taking a couple classes at a time?

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. You have to have a home for stability, I have not seen anyone have a base for doing anything much homeless. If you are already freelancing in your field and doing OK with that I would continue. If stress of keeping a home and work will cause you not to be able to do your best work then going back just for the sake of going back might not be the best. Go ¼ of a full schedule, work to stablize your home life (which will give you better peace of mind to sleep better) and ramp it up as things get better. Too many people place too much value on getting the sheep skin, experience in a real work situation often times trumps book smarts.

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I would sit out a year, maybe taking one class a semester. Does your employer reimburse for tuition? Take advantage of that if you can.

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Like others, I don’t necessarily see this as an either/or proposition. Work full time, and take classes as you can afford to (both monetarily and time-wise). Good luck!

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I’m with @YARNLADY. That will take some pressure off and you can continue with school also. Above all, don’t stop completely going to school…you might never go back!

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Talk to an advisor at the university, and be honest and frank about your situation. You’re not the first student to ever face challenges, and universities want to do what they can to retain their students. They might be able to get you a scholarship or a job, for instance to make it possible to continue studying without breaking the bank.

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Based entirely on your question, my recommendation is to stay home and help with the financial situation. i am concerned that you will not continue your education, after the money situation gets better. once you have stopped your education and earn money, it’s really difficult to get back into the education life.

I did this when i met my wife. i had two years at the University of Tennessee. cupid exploded my heart with arrows from my wife and the rest is history. i never was able financially, to complete my four years as planned. do i regret this? no.

Each person’s personal situation is different and only you can make this decision. for the time being, your mom needs assistance and you are the one that can provide it. good luck. john

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I think you’re absolutely wasting your time going to school and working full-time. There’s just no way you’ll have the time or energy to dedicate to your studies.

I suggest taking a year off, maybe two, and saving your money so that when you go back you can go without working or only working one day a week.

Another possibility (if it’s a possibility) is going to school part-time, taking one course, maybe two, certainly no more than that, while you continue to work.

Your mother is afraid that if you take time off you’ll never go back. That’s what everyone told me when I took time off. Ridiculous! How could you possibly fall out of the swing of things when you aren’t in the swing of things in the first place? That much is obvious by the fact that you’ll be “repeating” your third year. I’m not trying to insult you, just show you the reality of the situation. You have nothing to be ashamed of, you just have to look at this realistically.

Don’t waste your time and money. Take a year or two off and prepare yourself!!

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Sounds like you’re leaning towards sitting it out, so that’s probably what you should do. Kids are under so much stress to go to school which is stupid considering how RIDICULOUSLY expensive it is. I’m taking this semester off myself and some relatives just think I’m being lazy but I rather focus on things that are more important to me like being financially stable, cooking, gardening. I place my personal well-being very high on my list of priorities and although others may not like it I’m doing what makes me happy and I know that one day I will go back to school. Good luck with whatever you decide!

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If have a computer science job keep it, if you don’t get one. Experience counts just as much as a degree on you resume.

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Do what you have to do to go to school, even if you only take two or three classes. No one can afford to go to school. I don’t know one person who didn’t graduate with lots of student loans. But if you want to go, you can’t let money stop you.

If you spend a few days a week at financial aid doing research, you will find a way. If you let the aid officers get to know you, they will find a way to help you. It worked for me!

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Okay I’m a women of God and what I think is if you do follow God ask is this what I’m meant to do! Because sometimes it’s God’s way of saying sorry but right now I want you to think of my plan and stop your plan. I know it sounds crazy but I was in this mess to and now I know what God’s plan is for my life. : )

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