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What is a good book that deals with Dutch history and/or culture?

Asked by Mamradpivo (9650points) October 2nd, 2010

I’m an American and there may be a move to the Netherlands in my not-so-distant future. Can anyone recommend a book (non-fiction or fiction) that addresses modern history in the Netherlands? Ideally, I’d like something that begins before WWII, but I know that WWII was a perfect literary turning point.

I’d love a historical fiction novel, or a great non-fiction book. I’d like to have some idea of where modern Dutch culture comes from. I know this is a really vague question, but time is of the essence and I’ll probably buy just about anything you recommend as a starting point. I don’t need to know how to ‘fit in,’ but anything that could help me understand where I’m headed would be great.

On a selfish note, if you happen to be from the Netherlands or have a particular insight into Americans moving there and feel like answering some questions, I’d really appreciate it if you could contact me directly. Thanks so much.

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There is a book called The Undutchables, it is very funny but fairly true to life

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Not sure what would be good books, you could try any Dutch literature I suppose (I really enjoyed The Discovery of Heaven by Harry Mulisch).

Anyway, you can fire off any question you have (though personally because otherwise it’ll probably take me a while to notice), I’m from the Netherlands.

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