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Video Game Nerds: Are you fulfilled by those "Let's Play" videos on Youtube?

Asked by simone54 (7592points) October 2nd, 2010

Did you ever watch those videos of someone playing through an entire game? For me watching them play a classic (such as Secret of Mana or Final Fantasy VI) is just as satisfying as if it were me playing the game myself. What do you think?

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It reminds me of when I would go to an arcade without any quarters and stood behind people and watched them play. It makes me feel poor.

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Yes. Though sometimes it’s frustrating watching a playthrough where the person playing is really bad. Then I scream verbal abuse at the player through my monitor.

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There’s nothing like playing the real game, though I do quite enjoy watching the ones with funny voice overs and commentary on games that I have already played. It can be a great way to remind yourself what a game was like if you haven’t played it for a while.

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I would find it boring. You have to playing the game for me.

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I’m with @Frenchfry, I’d get really bored by that.

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since I don’t have some of the games anymore…. I find it fulfilling to see how to play it… I’ve watch plenty… I can finally move on now

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Nope not at all. Don’t really seem worth the look especially when they don’t help much.

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just as @chocolatechip briefly said, sometimes they suck

Plus maybe I play in a different way than them. Maybe I’m better. >.>

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I like watching others play whatever through OnLive, and I can even harass them while they’re playing with messages!

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I’ve never been interested in that. I’d rather play it myself and get immersed.

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