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Should this guy go to jail?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4843points) October 2nd, 2010

This guy tried to murder his wife. He claimed he was insane from drinking to many red bulls. I didn’t get the full details so if someone can find a link. So your opinion should he go to jail or do you think he was insane from the drink?

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He shouldn’t be allowed to drink red bull again and that’s for sure.

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Here is the link to the news story. If there is any truth to it, he is in jail for strangling his wife to death with an extension cord. It only took the jury one hour to deliberate and come to the conclusion that he is guilty.

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@Pied_Pfeffer not the story I was thinking of but close enough.

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Yes. I think he should go to jail. His excuse is very lame. I think killing someone and blaming it on PMS lame as well.

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Apparently he has not yet been tried and convicted, so he absolutely should not go to jail. I’ll be happy to wait to hear what the jury says.

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@CyanoticWasp :: That is what county jails are for. To hold people awaiting trial. He could always pay bail to get out until the trial. But I doubt this lunatic would be granted bail.

And that is just about the worst excuse someone could come up with.

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This guy should go to jail if he is judged as mentally competent and responsible for the assault.

If he’s judged not mentally competent, he should receive help in a security institution.

Obviously Red-bull isn’t to blame, but that doesn’t mean he really isn’t insane.

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He tried to kill someone.. so.. that’s got jail written all over it.

However, if he really thinks the “red bull made him do it”—he might actually be insane hah.

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Attempted murder? Yeah, that should be jail. Insane from red bull? I’m calling bull, If he’s had more than 16 then perhaps maybe, but I can vouch that those first 16 aren’t going to be what does it. lol

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Probably go to jail. If he went insane then maybe some medical help too.

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@Ultramarine_Ocean I don’t think he was really insane he was just pleading insanity to escape jail, at least that’s what I believe.

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He should def. go to jail. If he got away with it he’d probably try to kill someone else and blame the red bull. I think its just an excuse to avoid jail also.

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