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What does the front of your fridge say about you?

Asked by tranquilsea (17739points) October 2nd, 2010

Are you a minimalist: nothing on the front of your fridge?

Are you a sentimentalist: pictures of loved ones?

Are you a busy mom or dad: schedules, crayon drawings, finger prints?

Are you a messy or neat?

What about magnets? Do you have any? Are they funny, sentimental or poignant?

Me? I’m a mishmash of drawings, schedules, pictures of family and friends and important phone numbers. I have a plethora of magnets that run from gorgeous native Canadians to poignant sayings.

One of my kids’ favourite activities is to use the magnets as head alternatives in the pictures. For example someone could be sporting a duck head via a strategically placed magnet.

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There is so much shit on our fridge. There are a ton of childish drawings that both of us did, a bunch of funky magnets (my favorite is “I like fat cats and I cannot lie”)...some photos of my pets from back home, a picture of me and my brothers as children on halloween. I was the pillsbury dough boy. I was chubby at the time too. Very cute. Newspaper clippings, anything remotely interesting. But I like it. Our fridge is personable.

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“Stainless” my ass. This dude can stain anything.

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It only says nothing will stick to metal? So I have a couple photos and phone numbers on the side where magnets will stick.

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It says that I support Planned Parenthood, the Capital Area Humane Society, Obama, MoveOn .org, have been to New Orleans and the Student Health Services Center at OSU, and enjoy using Papa Johns coupons.

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Up until about a week ago, I always had a bare fridge. Now my roommate has taken to putting sticky notes with her favorite quotes of me on it. It will likely go back to being bare after I move out, at least until I have children. Then there will probably be lots of little letter magnets at child height, and their artwork displayed up higher.

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It’s not my fridge, so it doesn’t reflect me.

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It says I’m a devoted family man with two gorgeous kids.There are a ton of photos of them on there. Oh & that they do cool paintings at school, some of which have pride of place on there too :¬)

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I have to much shit on my fridge.

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Mine says “here’s where you stuck the very important paper you’ve been seeking for an hour” and my favorite magnet says this

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All I have on the front are pictures of my kids. I have old theater posters on the side that you can see as you enter the kitchen.

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It says “I won’t have any idea what to buy at the grocery store if you don’t write what you want or what you used the last of on this magnetic pad.” It also says we order take out, have a favorite plumber and a few upcoming appointments.

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The front says it adoors me, but I swear I can hear the back telling the top that I need to lose weight.

The front also occasionally tells me that the inside light stays on even when the door is closed, because my Lite Beer is afraid of the dark.

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I have a bunch of stickers on my fridge (Mystery Spot, random bands, comics). I also have pictures and coupons attached to my fridge by simple magnets. I think it says that I’m fun and eclectic.

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College students: nothing but a Chinese food take out menu and $5 off coupon.

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It says that if I add one more thing it will overbalance and fall on its face.

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When the kids were little there was the magnetic alphabet where the boyz had to spell a new word in order to get a snack…I miss those days.

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I don’t have a fridge… :(

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It says that without a list, nothing gets bought at the store. It also says I should have had kids because I actually ask people to send me their kids’ refrigerator art.

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My fridge says that I love dogs, all kinds of dogs and any friend of mine that has a dog has their picture on my fridge.

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@chyna – how does your fridge feel about cats?

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It says I have a kid in school. There’s a lunch menu and a school calendar on the fridge.

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@tedibear At the present, there are no cats, but a picture of me holding a baby deer. Cats are most welcome, but they will have to squeeze in.

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That it’s been awhile since I cleaned out the chilled water/ice dispenser drip pan.

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I have a whiteboard magnetic calender on my fridge with everything that is happening for the coming 4 weeks written on a few fridge magnets that have been aquired over the years – the north island of NZ (the south island lost it’s magnet) a snoopy magnet I’ve had for about 25 years, one my daughter gave me and a Betty Boop magnet and a leavers mass leaflet from my daughters school, as she left primary school this July just gone. Not sure what all this says about me… I’ll let you decide!

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It says…..nothing but when my next appointments are, when I have cross-country, and all those companies that my family never seems to call.

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