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How do I upload a GIF or image with my answer on Tumblr?

Asked by tumblraddict (1points) October 2nd, 2010

So I get a message(a question in other words). And I want to answer with a GIF or an image. But on mine I don’t get ”+ Upload Photo” I get the little picture of a tree that you click on and I get “Image URL” and “Image Description”. So I click and drag my photo to my browser and copy and paste the URL. But when I post it I get a clear box, so I click on it. And. There’s. No. Picture. Help?

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The ability to answer with an image is a setting that the person asking the question needs to set. There’s a checkbox for “Allow photo responses” or something like that. I guess if the person asking the question hasn’t allowed it, you can’t put an image in your answer.

Tumbr really sucks for user interaction.

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