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What is an easy way to quit smoking?

Asked by annaott22 (516points) March 30th, 2008 from iPhone

I want to quit smoking any good ideas to do so?

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There’s no such thing as an easy way.. Each treatment works for each person differently. Don’t try cold turkey, you’ll almost definitely fail. For some the patch works, others gum is better. Ive even heard of Hypnotherapy and acupunture used as ways to quit smoking. There are also stop smoking hotlines that you can call for guidance and support in quitting.

Good luck to you in kicking the addiction!

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i dont think there is an easy way. my grandpa is on oxygen and still smokes. i see him dying from smoking and i still smoke. you pretty much have to make up your mind you don’t want to do it anymore then dont do it. im planning on quit smoking but i keep putting it off. i know being around other smokers definitely dont help. i do know a man that smoked fifty years and quit recenty using chantix. id like to try it but im to poor to go to the doctor and buy pills even though it would pay for itself eventually.

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@buster, i’m sorry to hear about your grandfather.

A way to try might to slowly wein(sp?) yourself off of the cigarettes, smoke less and less every time you feel you can, and then eventually you might be able to stop fully without it affecting your life as much as it would stopping completely right now.

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My step-father swears by “citrus”. He said it helped him curb all his bad habits. My real father is on Chantix, and hasn’t smoked in about a month. I still smoke a half of a pack a day. Thanks to my wife being pregnant, and not letting me smoke in the house. I have cut back drastically. She says she isn’t going to let me hold the baby after I smoke, so I have to quit soon.

@amandaafoote ween

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I’m trying to quit, too! It sucks!!!

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ditto iSteve

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Check with your PCP about Chantix or Wellbutrin. Both have high success rates. Also, when you’ve made that first step, I know it sounds silly, but carry around a crayon between your smoking fingers. Hold it when you’re driving et cetera, wherever you’re likely to get the urge. This will help when you want to bring your fingers to your mouth, which is part of the addiction. Don’t make sugar a habit, but maybe try to substitute with lolipops or sunflower seeds.

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I had your same problem and I found the best way to quit. You just stop…

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Thank you for all of your answers. I’ve quit before but it was because I was pregnant. It just doesn’t seem as easy as it was 3 years ago.

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Maybe we could start a support group and do it together?

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Me too annaott22 ~ the only time I was able to quit and stay quit for 8 years was during a pregnancy.

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I really want to quit but I’m pretty sure pregnancy won’t be able to help me. Too bad…

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@ iSteve ~ yeah, me neither at this point! I also remember breaking out the past few times I’ve quit, and a nasty metallic flavor in my mouth for days. It was so awful that food didn’t taste right. I discovered one day that I couldnt even taste the spearmint in the gum I was chewing !

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I read this article on the New York Times website, that mentioned in a controlled experiment, “those wanting to quit were more than twice as successful if they started kicking the habit while on vacation, when surrounded by unfamiliar people and places”

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There is a “Nicotine Anonymous” 12-step program based on the enormously successful AA, NA (narcotics) GA (gambling)...dozens of others. Just based on the many millions of successful cases in these organization, I’d definitely give them a try. The key seems to be peer group support and spiritual awareness. Good combination.

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