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How will you make the world a better place today?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30795points) October 2nd, 2010

Will you participate in the demonstration in DC? Will you, like me, spend quality time with your children? Will you donate to an important cause fighting some type of need in the third world? Will you harvest vegetables?

Whether it’s big or small, what will you do to improve our world today?

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I’m going to buy my wife a present for her 50th birthday, does that count?

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I’m going to bed so that the world can finally get a break.

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Today I will work on my math homework so that I can do well on the GRE so that I can get into a PhD program so that I can become a professor and further research in trans and genderqueer communities. I will also spend quality time with my children who will make the world better and I will dance tango to make myself and my friends happy…really I will do more tomorrow when we join the massive vigil for those that have killed themselves…

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Well, the only thing I am doing today is talent scouting for a children’s acting agency. Perhaps one of the kids I select will get the $1200 scholarship or get picked up my an agent. These kids get invited to a free workshop to work with the set coach of all the major Disney shows. It always makes their day. :)
After that, if I have time when I get home, I’ll put a few hours into the new company I am developing with a friend – we are becoming affiliated with food banks in every region we expand to. It’s going to benefit thousands of people so I am happy to be apart of it. :)

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I devote a lot of my free time to the scout programs as kids really appreciate the opportunity to do things they might not otherwise have the chance to experience. It also gives me the chance to lead by example to show my boys how to give back to the community they live in with the service projects like the river clean up project I organize every year for them.

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I’m going to treat other people the way I’d like to be treated.

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I do not have to do anything it is perfect as it is.

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I’m going to go hate myself in the corner. I made room for at least another person.

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I will rest today and tomorrow so that I may be totally present with the people I work with next week. I am my biggest tool in helping others work towards change in their lives.

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I bought someone a slice of pizza, and as we all know pizza makes the world go round.

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To improve our world today, I have not answer a question that got me slightly upset and worked up…

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Answer questions on Fluther.

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Be sincere when I tell someone to have a good day.

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I won’t do anything bad for the world, that’s a good start, or at least it is for the likes of me.

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I will smile and chat to everyone I see.

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