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What is holding you back?

Asked by MissA (7391points) October 2nd, 2010

Your job…health…husband…wife…finances?

What would you be doing if those (or other things) were lined up in life? Do you have a plan to help things work out?

Where will you, hopefully, be in five years?

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Nothing…full steam ahead…got the bull by the horns, on the doorstep of destiny and it is now just a matter of time is all. ;)

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Good for you…how’d you do that?

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My mental illness.

If not for that, I would be acting and writing.

I have no 5-year plan.

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@MissA Worked my ass off for 14 years…now it is my turn!

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If everything was as I wished it was, I would not even be here. Seriously. I found this site after my life became a wreck and I googled a stupid question and it brought me here. If it was they way I wanted it to be, I’d be the happiest person alive. I’d be the happy, preppy person I was a while back. I’d be there person no-one could defeat when it came to telling their soulmate they were in love with them and no-one knew love stronger than me. No plans for five years. I can’t even predict my tomorrow. I know me.

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Hey ducky dnl, gotta let yourself grieve… (((hugs!))) ...

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Finances: I have to be patient to return to work I enjoy and pays much better.

Responsibilities: I have comitted to resettling my mother before I work on things for myself and my partner.

Partner’s responsibilities: He has children from a previous marriage so we don’t feel at liberty to up and move elsewhere until they’re older. I think it’s important divorced parents be local to underage kids.

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Oh, I have nothing holding me back. I mean I have school and work, but those things are easily taken care of. I could leave wherever I wanted to, whenever I wanted to, but I’m bound by choice to my current town.

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If I were to boil it down, I would have to say myself and some things that I believe. Things about myself and (maybe?) a belief or two that I have had pushed into my head. Or possibly that I have allowed myself to believe and haven’t done the work to counteract the messages.

What would I be doing if I weren’t held down by those things? I would be exercising on a regular basis to get into shape. I would not be wondering whether or not my husband was really “with” me when we’re having sex. Or rather, I could take him at his word when he says it is only me. I would not worry that the work involved in getting in shape would end up without one of the results I need. I would quit feeling like I’m being punched in the stomach every time we watch “Dollhouse.” I would quit being pissed off every time someone says, “Looks don’t matter, what matters is what’s inside.”

A plan? Nothing beyond my therapist appointment on Thursday. And I have a feeling I know what he’s going to say. Even so, I’m going to do my level best to go in with an open mind.

In 5 years? Heck if I know!

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Right now, it’s money. Most everything is at a standstill because of a lack of a cashflow. It’s not permanent, I know when the end is near, but it still sucks.

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Lack of energy and motivation.

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I’m kind of afraid that if I do what I really want to do in life, someone will wind up needing me and I won’t be there to help them, and I would feel guilty for that.

…so I guess you could say that guilt is holding me back.

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Right now some physical issues, other than that, nothing.

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A life of untreated depression, apparently. But it’s my over-idealism that perpetuates the depression . . . or it’s the world that causes my over-idealism to perpetuate my. . . you see what I mean.

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Responsible for two family members with significant issues; one with dementia, the other with a mood disorder. Also having two jobs. If I didn’t have these factors, I’d love to travel, see the world, have fun! In five years I imagine that some of this will be resolved, I can only hope…

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Best question I’ve seen on here since I joined….like a month ago lol ;)

as with most of us…MYSELF

Cause even when it was “something else” or “someone else”...that still came back to ME.

what a simple question that has really resonated with me tonight :)

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( best question for ME )

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I don’t even want to READ these responses…cause so many people have so many EXCUSES.

this topic could GET me, I’ll shut up.

don’t put things on OTHERS though. And I know , some have true true complicated issues

but still, others LIKE excuses and are in the HABIT of putting things on others

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