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Printable Pregnancy Planner/Organizer?

Asked by albert_e (529points) October 2nd, 2010

Do you know of any printable Pregnancy Planner/Organizer?

I am usually keen on customizing my daily planners (for regular work)—

So I am looking for some ideas on creating a Pregnancy Planner where the expectant parents can keep a log of all relevant facts and observations through the weeks, log daily diet info, track weight and any other important measures, track doctor appointments, summary of their suggestions, medications and courses, etc., and even to jot down any random thoughts and feelings. A few pages could be added to list the names of the baby being considered.

If you can point me to a list of things that need o be tracked and logged through the course of pregnancy—I can pick up some of those ideas and create my printable planner.


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