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What web host should I use?

Asked by tonystubblebine (152points) March 19th, 2007
I want to get a dedicated server from a new provider. Right now I'm super cost sensitive but in the long run my time is more valuable, so reliability is tops. I'm debating layeredtech and servepath.
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Have you looked into virtual private servers (VPS)? They sort of hit that sweet spot between shared and dedicated hosting, for significantly less cost than a dedicated server, often with better hardware and more ram for the cost, and you can slide up as your needs increase. I've been very happy with and would recommend them (they currently host this site).
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I'm really happy with I've got 2 sites hosted with them.
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eh I misread your question. I don't know if they offer dedicated space or not.
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I've been using since 1997 and have been very happy with their service. They cost a bit more than other web hosts, but they're rock solid in terms of stability, uptime, etc. They're a little behind the times if you're looking for Ruby on Rails support, but otherwise they're true geeks in the best sense of the word.

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Better you go for Hosting raja – . They provide reliable, cheaper dedicated hosting services. I recommend this because im happy with their services, support.. their support team is just excellent.. try it :) all the best.

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