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Have you heard of or seen the controversial Anti-Islam film by a Dutch law maker?

Asked by TheDeadWake (545points) March 30th, 2008 from iPhone

It’s causing a huge uproar in the world because it equates Islam (in general I guess) with terrorism. I haven’t seen the film, but apparently several countries, especially Holland are back tracking and trying to distance themselves from the video. Now, I have nothing against Islam, I don’t follow their belief system, in fact, I’m a Christian, but doesn’t the fact that everyone is fearing some sort of retaliation from Muslim’s say that they too believe in the fundamental argument of the film?

Once again, I have nothing against Islam. I believe that they have extremists, just as there are Christian extremists, and unfortunately the few give the whole a bad name.

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No never even heard anything about it

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Yes, it exsists. I was actually watching it (or, just started on it) when they took it down. It definately equates Islam with terriosts acts. There are readings of the Qur’an in the background with videos of specific violent acts by the Islamists. I was watching a clip on BBC when it went dead and a disclaimer came up. The clip was called:
Fitna the Movie: Geert Wilders’ film about the Quran

There may be extremeist in all aspects of life, certainly religion, but Islam is far more extreme and far more violent.

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Yeah, I watched it the day it was released, but then again, I’m Dutch and interested in politics and have a deep loathing for Geert Wilders.

> doesn’t the fact that everyone is fearing some sort of retaliation from Muslim’s say that they too believe in the fundamental argument of the film?

Well, it’s only the extreme ones. In fact, I think that’s one thing that the movie makes very clear: it’s much ado about nothing here in the Netherlands. Sure, there are some extremes in radical Islamic countries (like there used to be radically Christian countries that’d also do radical things), but then he switches to statistics showing there are more Muslims living in the Netherlands (oh horror!) and shows a woman wearning a burqa in the wild (help!). Luckily he’s got that burqa on tape, because you never see one in the streets.

Really, he’s a despicable man with despicable opinions. Luckily, even he’s got some common sense by not making it as provocative as people feared it would. Sure, it’s insulting to normal Muslims, but those are smart enough to take it well.

What I found disturbing, though, was that Wilders used other people’s material without asking for it, like copyright laws do not apply to him.

As for Gooch, I’m very happy to hear you haven’t even heard of it. It’s got too much attention as it is already.

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I haven’t heard of it either, but I’ve heard of another film called Obsession, which is basically the same thing just not as offensive. This is because they have disclaimers and the film is directed ENTIRELY at the extremists and not dar-al Islam.

I read the first 8 Surahs of the Qur’an and had to stop because I got scared.

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@theloveprophet – Obsession (also by a Dutch politician) was not meant to provoke (i.e. rip a page out of the Qur’an, display “the Muhammed cartoon) which people feared Fitna (this movie’s title) would be. And the other stuff you mentioned probably helped too :)

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No, but I have read Ayyan Hirsi Ali’s book. I doubt that westerners would hunt down a woman for speaking out against what she feels is wrong with her culture.

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I watched the film. Indeed, the Muslim population is rising but I can’t understand why they would make special exemptions to put Imams on the fast track for immigration.

I assume that the law enforcement agencies are working to arrest people for mutilating and killing women while working to protect that the fundamentalist put on the hit list. In the U.S. the crime of solicitation for murder has penalties as severe as the ones used to punish the murder. Just because a person issues a blanket call for murder in the name of god, he should not be exempt from punishment.

I hope that most of the film is propaganda but the images shown certainly indicate the the fundamentalist intend to fight democracy and murder anyone they feel dishonors their version of the religion. Why aren’t those people in jail or deported?

We have an immigration problem in the U.S. but those people come here to work, they do not try to start bloody revolutions. Why don’t the the Dutch deport them?

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