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What are some of the dumbest things you've seen YOUR friends do on Facebook?

Asked by Frankie (4032points) October 2nd, 2010

Inspired by yesterday’s question about the 5 dumbest things one could do on Facebook.

What are some of the most stupid/outrageous/annoying/etc. things that you have seen your own friends post on Facebook? Also, if there were any repercussions that followed or if you responded with hilarious comments, talk about those as well!

I will start this off with mentioning what I did on yesterday’s question: A girl that I worked with at one time chronicled EVERY SINGLE conceivable aspect of her pregnancy on Facebook…annoying, but relatively harmless. That is, until her labor began, and she proceeded to update all of her Facebook friends about just how dilated her cervix was. At that point I blocked her updates. I later went back to her profile to check out the pictures of her new baby, and discovered that, less than an hour after the child was born, she had updated her status to let everyone know that it had finally entered the world. I honestly thought my head would explode…put down the f$%king phone and enjoy the experience of having a literally brand new baby in your arms!!

Let the hilarity/facepalms commence!

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I’m not on enough to read anybody’s faux pas. Facebook was interesting for the first 6 months but it’s kind of eh now.

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The status thing is very funny sometimes. I mean really, who wants to know someone’s day hour by hour. Also, people who are dating talk mush on their walls rather than via private message—oh please! I recently read that something like 70% of petitions for divorce filed in the USA today involve a Facebook interaction. I find that to be amazing—- and I rarely use the word “amazing.”

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I don’t think I’ve seen anything too crazy among my own Facebook friends, but there was this one woman who used to drive me crazy.

Starting around the time of the health care bill being passed, she began posting these really nasty rants about Obama and the bill. Just hateful things, and almost all of it based on misinformation. This was someone I didn’t actually know well, but met once because she was a member of an online forum my husband runs for other artists. I tried very hard to ignore the things she posted, but it was constant and it started to wear on my nerves. I stupidly thought to myself, “I’m just going to quickly point out that isn’t true, so she won’t be so upset over it.”

Yeah, big mistake. I was very polite and nice, just linking to the correct information and letting her know that whatever she’d posted turned out to be false. She countered with a youtube video, as if youtube only lets people post videos that are factual and true. There was another thing relating to Obama that I, as nicely as possible, informed her was false. She deleted my comment and went on with her hateful, disgusting rant.

I realized how dumb the whole thing was and couldn’t believe how angry I was getting over this one crazy woman’s Facebook status updates. So I unfriended her, and it never bothered me again. :) I don’t mind at all if people have different political opinions or viewpoints, but seeing rant after rant based on blatantly false information bothered me so much. I have many other friends who are more conservative than I am, which is fine with me since they at least know better than to consider youtube a legitimate source of information.

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Anyone with a vague status that tries to evoke pity usually irritates the shit out of me, like “Wow, I hope things get better tomorrow” or “Rainy days always clear up…eventually.” Comments like that make me want to ruin their day even more. Sometimes I just “like” any status that is begging for people to ask “oh you poor thing, what’s wrong?”.

Check out Lamebook. It’s hilarious.

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I wouldn’t know…..i don’t have one! And it feels good that i don’t!

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An acquaintance had a party that was poorly attended. She got on Facebook and complained that maybe she wasn’t a very good hostess or maybe she didn’t have any real friends but she was very disappointed by the turnout.

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I had added a friend that requested me to then a few days later I was reading her activity and found that I made a mistake in adding her because she was too loose with her language. I quickly removed her from my friends list and sent her a message telling her what I did and why I took that measure. She to this day has not replyed, which is no problem.

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@SmoothEmeraldOasis Loose with her language? Cussin’? Or something else?

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@anartist—She was useing more foul language than using more descriptive words to convey her thoughts.

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I have a married “Friend” who posted photos of her affair on Facebook! Pictures of them together. Many photos. I guess she was keeping it just between her and her 300 closest friends. Incredible!

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Join Facebook.

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my friends many when they sent me friends request and I accepted the first thing they do on chat is they send me their website/money making shit links and convince me to join them thats the most irritating, another thing they add me to any group without asking me thats really awkward.

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